Respite facility ?is sorely needed

I just finished reading the article in the Oct. 7 News about the proposed respite facility in the Town of Tonawanda and I am thrilled that the parents of children with special needs will have a place for their children while they obtain a well-deserved respite. To the neighbors who don't share my enthusiasm, I offer the following: Change places with one of the families for a mere 24 hours and perhaps understanding of the need for such a facility will prevail.

Without the facility being advertised, there is a wait list of 70. Does this exemplify the need? Absolutely!

Having a 20-year-old son on the autism spectrum, yes, there is definitely a need. Most parents cannot leave their child alone for any period of time, worry constantly that they will be called to pick their child up from school due to behavior issues, hope they can take their child out in public without the child having a meltdown, hope their child survives another day on the bus ride to school, and just once, perhaps, their child sleeps through the night. It may sound like a toddler, but this is the reality of many parents with children in their teens or beyond.

To the neighbors who object to the facility, who may be reading this article while sipping their morning coffee, who had a night of uninterrupted sleep, who will run errands alone, who will dine leisurely at home or at a restaurant, I implore you to rethink your objection.

Want to really know the reality of having a child with autism? Read "Love Anthony" by Lisa Genova. Perhaps when you finish reading and crying, you'll realize a few extra cars in your neighborhood won't be such a burden. If only that was the most significant worry of parents with special-needs children.

Ronna Glickman



Euphemisms can't change ?the truth about abortion

In a recent op-ed, Susan Estrich claimed she could get three-quarters of the country to vote pro-choice simply by carefully phrasing the question. Doesn't she realize that's been the pro-choice strategy all along?

Using such euphemisms as "reproductive freedom" or "women's health rights," it seeks to cloud the issue and obscure the facts. However, as John Adams told us, facts are stubborn things.

Linda McCartney once said, "If slaughterhouses had glass walls, the whole world would be vegetarian." Put glass walls on the abortion clinics and the whole world will vote pro-life.

Tim Delano



GOP offers nothing ?but doom and gloom

To all those who think the sky will fall if President Obama gets re-elected: Been to a mall lately? Been to a restaurant? Have to wait for a table? Seen any new cars on the road? How many weeks do you have to wait for a new Harley? Or a new iPhone? Seems to me the economy is doing fine. The stock market has doubled.

The ones who say it's awful the most are on the right. You know, the ones they're always parading on Fox News. Why? Because they've made it their central issue. Obama has to say it, too. But only because he'd be labeled as "out of touch" if he didn't.

Yes, there are still too many unemployed, or underemployed, which Mitt Romney seems so concerned about now. Guess what, they fall into the 47 percent, who won't take personal responsibility. Yes, very caring indeed. How about we bring back some of those manufacturing jobs he and his buddies have sent overseas? Too bad we don't have people waiting for weeks to buy iPhones made right here.

When President George W. Bush was in office in 2007, Rush Limbaugh said he refused to participate in the recession. Now, it's all he talks about. Obama has been in office for almost four years, and the country hasn't fallen off the face of the earth. My point is: How patriotic is it, in a "struggling" economy that some say is lacking in confidence, to badmouth good job numbers when they happen? These people can't possibly give an ounce of credit where it's due.

James A. Liberatore



Dip in unemployment? seems to be well-timed

Is it merely coincidence that two days after President Obama does a less-than-stellar job in the debate against Mitt Romney that the unemployment rate dips, and I mean a micron below 8 percent? Is this figure to be believed? Is this just part of the campaign strategy? I also would like to know how the figures for July and August are now amended. I guess we just stop counting all the unemployed souls who are no longer searching for work. How can not seeking employment be construed as employed? I would love to hear answers to all my questions.

Jill M. Wierzba



We can only achieve?justice through peace

I applaud Rosa Brooks' Oct. 7 Viewpoints article warning about the use of armed drones for targeted assassinations. She correctly argues that it will lower the threshold for future armed conflict, and bulldoze the moral high ground upon which we now – or did – stand to criticize the injustices of other countries. It is very troubling that the choice of human targets is made shrouded in extrajudicial secrecy.

But she wrongly dismisses the death of civilians by drones as a minor concern – it would have happened anyway using other weapons against the intended target.

Brooks has her priorities backward; the continued life of a human being should be paramount. The taking of a life, which I strongly oppose, should be done through the third branch of government, not the executive – a grand idea sketched out in the Magna Carta almost 800 years ago.

At Nuremberg, we tried the German authorities for their role in executing 6 million Jews. We gave the accused access to the courts and robust representation to challenge evidence. Germany is now a peaceful and prosperous country not seeking revenge.

Why not use the Nuremberg model on the accused instead of targeting them with drones? If Washington has clear-cut evidence of wrongdoing, why not present that evidence to an independent body for evaluation and subsequent action?

Peace can only be achieved through justice, not by war, and especially not by secret-war-on-the-cheap: drones.

Charley Bowman

Interim Executive Director

WNY Peace Center


Taxes aren't a problem;? nation spends too much

I would like to reply to the My View column about improving our nation. The writer states in the last two paragraphs that he does not hate the rich or envy them. But after reading his column, it seems to me he does. We can take every single cent from the rich and we would not put a dent into this ridiculous $16.1 trillion debt.

Guess what, we have a spending problem, not a tax problem.

Glenn Wiese