Pension costs and expansion of the public safety dispatch department account for two large increases in spending in the tentative 2013 Orchard Park budget.
Payments to the state retirement system for employees will go up about $500,000 next year, for an increase of the last four years of nearly $1.2 million, officials said. Retaining dispatching and adding some part-time dispatchers accounts for another $249,000, Supervisor Janis Colarusso said Wednesday night.
“Development of this budget was challenging, to say the least,” Colarusso said.
The budget includes raises for most department heads and elected officials, and it is under the tax cap – by about $1,300.
“If you decide to add anything to the budget, you better decide to take something away,” said Wayne Drescher, the town’s accounting consultant.
If the total tax levy went above the state-mandated tax cap, the board would have to conduct a public hearing, and at least two of the three members of the Town Board would have to vote for it. The tax cap starts with a 2 percent increase, but there are exemptions that bring the cap higher than 2 percent.
Total appropriations of all the funds in the budget total $21.37 million, up about 6 percent over this year. The tax levy is $12.42 million, up 3.59 percent.
The combined general, public safety and highway fund tax rate for village residents would be $6.19 per $1,000 of assessed value, up 3.96 percent. Residents living outside the village would see a 3.55 percent increase to $5.84 per $1,000.
The budget includes raises of varying percentages for most department heads, non-union employees and elected officials. Department head and non-union employees would receive raises ranging from about 1 percent up to about 4 percent, Colarusso said.
The two board members would receive a 3 percent raise to $18,835, their first raise in six years, Councilman David Kaczor said. The supervisor’s $70,761 salary would remain the same, but her stipend for being budget officer would rise from $3,000 to $6,000.
The town clerk’s salary would remain at $57,702, but she would receive a $1,000 increase in the stipends for two positions. She would be paid $4,953 for being the registrar of vital statistics and $4,191 for records management officer next year.
The highway superintendent’s salary would remain at $70,668, but he would receive $537 more for being parks superintendent, bringing that stipend to $11,900. He also would receive $4,000 for taking over the supervision of the compost operations, Kaczor said.
The town justices would receive $1,000 raises, for salaries of $34,657 next year.
Another change is the creation of the director of youth services, with a $4,000 stipend. Kaczor said the recreation director would take on the duties.
The board scheduled the public hearing on the budget for Nov. 7, and it expects to adopt the budget at its work session the following week, Nov. 14.