Bruce Jackson, the prolific writer, photographer and distinguished University at Buffalo professor who has been at the center of Buffalo's intellectual life for decades, will be honored by his colleagues in a celebration today at UB.

"A Celebration of the Arts to Honor Bruce Jackson," beginning at 1 p.m. in Slee Hall on the UB Amherst campus, will feature remarks by UB President Satish K. Tripathi, an exhibition of Jackson's photographs and music and the premiere of David Felder's musical piece "A Garland for Bruce." The event also will include a screening of the documentary "Crazy" introduced by filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, who has come from Paris to participate in the celebration. Jackson's wife and longtime collaborator Diane Christian will moderate a discussion.

"Honors like this usually come from elsewhere, not home," Jackson said in a statement released by UB. "At home, they usually only do things like this when you're retiring or dead, neither of which I am." Said Tripathi in that same statement: "Like much of the very best work in the arts and humanities, Bruce's work defies easy definition. His films, photographs, social commentary and scholarship all cut across multiple fields and have tremendously broad relevance, from the academy to popular culture, to international social policy."

The event is free, with more info at 645-3705 or

- Colin Dabkowski