Cattaraugus community ?fighting to save animals

The News editorial, "Allegations of mistreatment demand immediate probe of Cattaraugus SPCA," correctly points out that an overhaul is needed, yet contains erroneous information. The News says that the Erie County SPCA is the "gold standard of animal shelters." To the contrary, the Erie County SPCA raw live release rate of 63.5 percent for 2011 is abysmally low, and nowhere near the 90 percent-plus raw live release rate required to join the ranks of "no kill." The Erie County SPCA has plenty of work to do internally to decrease its own kill rate. It is certainly not needed in Cattaraugus County, where a movement of the people is under way to save these animals.

The ASPCA is also mentioned in the editorial. Those familiar with no kill know that the ASPCA often defeats shelter reform legislation and maintains the paradigm of killing in our nation's shelters. The last thing Cattaraugus needs is ASPCA death squads coming in to "rescue" animals.

The News editorial implies I criticized the Wyoming SPCA prior to the raid. That is untrue. What is true is that at least 140 animals taken from the Wyoming SPCA, in need of veterinary care and compassion, were exterminated by the Erie County SPCA.

There are at least 250 animals held captive by the Cattaraugus SPCA. The community will fight to save these animals. Our fight for the animals won't have anything to do with Erie County SPCA, ASPCA or any other pro-kill organization.

Morgan J. Dunbar

Director, Animal Allies of WNY

Co-founder, Citizens for Shelter

Reform at Cattaraugus County?SPCA


Anyone who takes a life? merits harsh punishment

This time it's a 24-year-old drunken driver killing a 14-year-old boy on his bicycle. Next week, who knows who or what will be the result of a little fun on the town, given this is the age of entitlement, particularly in New York State? But a one-to-three-year sentence for killing another human being?

No matter what it is allowed to be classified as in a court of law, it ultimately results in the taking of a human life. That used to mean something in this country. Nowadays killers are back on the street in less time than a child pornographer or other non-life-taking crimes. How sad that our judicial system has forsaken us.

Joe Coia

West Seneca


Ridiculous movie? capitalizes on fear

I am not amazed that the party of "no" has fully endorsed "2016: Obama's America." This ludicrous "mocku-mentary" purports that President Obama is trying to undo several centuries of western colonialism because the president's father was an African citizen who actually had the nerve to be offended by the systematic raping and pillaging of the land and people. The author of the book and movie has stated that the problem is not that we colonized Africa and South America, it's that we didn't colonize them enough.

Now, the same party that brought you "compassionate conservatism" and other ridiculous-sounding terms for "too bad we have more and you don't," recommends that every red-blooded and true American see this film. First off, the hypocrisy is sickening. Dinesh D'Souza, the author of "Obama's Rage" (the basis for the movie) wasn't even born in this country. He was born in India (a land heavily colonized by the British) and immigrated to this country. He apparently "became" a citizen, unlike our president, who was born in this country (Yes, Hawaii is a state of the union). Coincidentally, this subject has not gone away, and was even recently "joked" about by Mitt Romney.

Despite D'Souza's roundabout route to American citizenship, he has all the credibility in the world, according to the Republicans. They will believe anyone who dislikes or disagrees with Obama. And thanks to the greatest political document ever produced, the U.S. Constitution, this foreign-born person can freely criticize our president and system of government, without fear of death or reprisal. That doesn't mean that we have to accept what he says.

This is same party that believes voter fraud is so rampant that we must enact tougher laws to crack down on it. This despite the fact that no one is reporting an increase of voter fraud. The fact that minorities will mostly be the ones disenfranchised is no coincidence. Please stop scaring the elderly and the uninformed with these political distortions that serve no legitimate purpose other than to promote the GOP's true agenda, which is to unseat Obama. At least he was elected through a fair election process.

Richard Carter



Beautiful 9/1 1 memorial? will inspire many visitors

President Franklin Roosevelt declared Dec. 7, 1941, the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, a day of infamy. Certainly, Sept. 11 is also a day of infamy when 3,000 died a terrible death at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It's only fitting that we should have a beautiful memorial that will move and inspire thousands of visitors a day. The World Trade Center Memorial is an awesome spectacle that will inspire thousands of visitors a day.

President George H.W. Bush broke ground for the Korean War Memorial on June 14, 1992. The war, from June 25, 1950, to July 27, 1953, had been named "The Forgotten War." More than 36,000 military personnel died. The memorial consists of 11 larger-than-life soldiers on patrol. They wore helmets and very long ponchos, carrying their M1s and BARs and a radio. Their faces were very grim. When I was there, I counted 12 visitors.

Patrick J. Mellody Sr.



Return City Hall doors ?to their original design

It was a pleasure to see a picture in the Sept. 13 paper of the new brass doors at Shea's – and locally made to boot. But where is our pride?

Have you seen the 2-year-old brassy gold-tone aluminum doors on our City Hall? This is the entrance to our city, so to speak, and they look tacky. These doors replace bronze and brass ones with beautifully designed covers for the winter weather. About two years ago, I spoke with the building superintendent, left messages for the mayor, registered my concern with the mayor's complaint office and tried to interest the preservations in this issue. The superintendent made excuses of cost and could not find anyone to make the doors. The mayor never responded, nor did anyone from his complaint office. The preservationists also never responded to my calls and mail.

How nice it would be to see gleaming new doors on the entrance to our city, something to be proud of when guests and we, the citizens, enter our hall. They need to be brought back to the original, as was designed by the architect. City Hall is one of the best art deco buildings in the East. So, no excuses. If Shea's can do it, so can the City of Buffalo. The doors of the city need to gleam also!

Evelyn Malone