By Sam Capitano
In today's political environment, gridlock seems to be the norm. If there is any time to consider term limits, the time is now.
Too many of our politicians are serving for careers instead of serving for the public good. Term limits would force today's politicians to act now instead of putting off crucial decisions until they reach their ultimate goal, which is controlling the White House.
The lack of compromise by our Republican leaders is disingenuous at best and almost criminal at worst. To hold the American people and our economy hostage with the hopes of putting the blame on President Obama just so the Republicans have a chance to control the White House is not patriotism, it is self-serving.
It appears to me every time there is a sweeping change in control of either chamber in Congress, the new controlling party misinterprets the public's message and tries to advance its own ideology. The proper interpretation of the message the American people were trying to relay when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives almost two years ago is, we need your help and we need it now.
Instead of acting now, though, the Republican Party is forcing the American people to sit and wait and wait and wait. In the meantime, we all struggle to make ends meet, to live a life with dignity and support our families.
The American people are some of the most politically active people in society today. They do their part, remaining active, voting our politicians into office with the hopes of making a difference, only to be left holding the bag time and time again.
The uncertainty of our future created by our elected officials has caused our great American corporations, which are sitting on massive amounts of cash (more than $300 billion), to not invest those surpluses in our economy because of the lack of sound fiscal policy. If there is anything certain about our future, it is the uncertainty created by our elected officials.
We elected them and put them in positions of trust in order to make the tough decisions; they need to do the job we've elected them to do and do it now. Their actions are a breach of our trust and a neglect of their responsibilities. I ask them to stop misinterpreting our desires as the advancement of their own personal ideological desires and wake up. We have had enough.
While our politicians stand there with the gun to our collective head, with a round loaded in every chamber, we ask, please put the gun down, grab a pen and sign some meaningful legislation that will create some certainty so we can get back to leading dignified lives.

Sam Capitano is business manager for Laborers' Local 210 in Cheektowaga.