Don't waste taxpayers'? money on Bills stadium

More than 30 years ago, my elders preached to me about their feelings why a stadium in Orchard Park should not be built with their taxpayer dollars. I used to argue this point daily with them. And as always, they would say, "wait till you get to be our age and wise up." Well, hindsight being 2 0/2 0, I have to admit they were right and I was wrong. We are now talking about nearly $200 million to upgrade a stadium, and there are no guarantees that a leasee will even be there.

You may think that I want to see the football team leave town, but that is not the case at all. Like the elders warned me, wait till you are on a pension. Tax dollars are needed in so many areas of this region, and state. My pension goes down, the taxes and health care keep going up. Those who disagree with me, well, as I was warned, "wait till you reach my age."

My elders also warned, "wait till you wise up." Well, I have. Look at the product we have been given at that stadium. How many senseless deaths alone from drinking and driving after each event? How much cost to society? How much heartache and sadness so many families have faced?

Have there been good times there? Certainly, but look at the cost. Was it worth it – and will it be worth it in the future? Take this old man's advice, or wait till you reach my age, and wise up.

Christopher M. Swan Sr.



Synchronized street lights? would improve gas mileage

Am I the only one who gets frustrated daily with Western New York's traffic lights? Why are these lights not synchronized? It is 2012 and we are practically using a system that has been in place for a hundred years. I stop daily at lights where there are zero cars waiting at the adjacent light. Everyone talks about improving gas mileage when everyone who drives a car (excluding hybrids) would receive vastly improved gas mileage if our traffic system was improved.

It is beyond frustrating when driving home from work that drivers have to stop at multiple lights in a few-mile stretch. Someone must fix this! Officials told us lights would be synchronized by 2012, and I see nothing. It is bad in the suburbs and worse in the city. Whoever is responsible for this must act and we, as daily drivers, must demand action.

I am tired of stopping the flow of traffic for side streets that don't even require a signal a majority of the day. Oh, and for good measure, try taking Maple Road or Sheridan Drive to Niagara Falls Boulevard from Transit Road – that should be enough to give anyone a headache. I am sure city driving is even more frustrating.

Mike Mazzarella

East Amherst


Nation's severe drought ?must be taken seriously

The sun is shining. If there's a cloud in the sky, it is not going to bring any significant rain. It is a perfect beach, picnic, outdoor party, festival, anything you name it out-of-doors day.

But have you looked at the trees? Some are leafless, some have dropped their needles. Some brown leaves drop to the parched and dusty earth. Others, prematurely colored, drift listlessly downward.

Have you heard the alarm sounding? Fossil fuels, factory farms and pollution are killing a tree near you – in Delaware Park, on your street, in your yard. Most likely all you have heard is the local meteorologist telling you not to worry about rain spoiling your weekend fun. Maybe he or she will quietly mention that we are in a drought, but how important is that anyway as long as the sun is shining? Certainly no presidential candidate has expressed any concern.

Last winter, most people were delighted with the lack of snow – no shoveling! The commute was a snap. Couple the lack of snow with the lack of rain this summer, and we have an unprecedented weather situation.

Please look around seriously, ask yourself what is happening to the trees around you and take the time to wonder, what next?

Sharon Levy



Good parents provide? safety net for children

A lady from Amherst wrote recently that the young Romneys had their dad for a "safety net," as if that was cheating or something. I am appalled that she does not realize that of course parents should be a safety net for their children. Otherwise, don't bring them into the world. One's success should be a building process, generation following generation, passed down from parents to children as we make our way through life.

My dad shoveled sand in a foundry when he was 14 years old and eventually made it through college and an excellent career. My mom sold real estate after we were old enough to be out of the house. They helped their children by giving them a much better starting point from which we all finished college and did better than even their parents. We all have to stop looking for shortcuts in other people's lives and do our best in our own with our children in mind.

Ron Wilson

East Amherst


Kudos to Anselmo? for his achievements

It was a pleasure reading the article about a Western New Yorker, Andy Anselmo, and his many, many achievements, especially his role as vocal coach to the stars. Although I do not personally know Anselmo, I had the pleasure of visiting relatives who were neighbors of the Anselmos on Matthews Road. The Anselmos were always spending time at the farmhouse and were well liked by the neighbors. Kudos to Anselmo, as well as the article.

William Algeri



Unions helped build ?a strong middle class

Rod Watson's Sept. 6 column about how the word "union" won't be heard from President Obama and the Democrats was right on! He only missed it by a one-time mention that we "should not be afraid of unions."

What a shame! How can anyone talk about the middle class without mentioning unions? Why are our so-called "political friends" so ashamed to tell the voters that unions are needed? There is so much proof that when we had strong unions, we had a strong middle class.

I will cast my vote for Obama, even though he did not say what I wanted to hear, only because the "other guy" and his party will destroy unions altogether.

Gerald Stefanacci

West Seneca


Don't give college aid ?to illegal immigrants

I will only say this once. Regardless of party affiliation, race or religion, from councilman to the president of the United States, any electable official who is in favor of giving college aid to illegal aliens will never get my vote. I would hope that the other millions of voters across this great nation of ours would feel the same way.

Mark Ruszala