North Street residents said Tuesday night that there have been few problems this school year from Hamburg Central High School students parking on their street.
Many of the same neighbors complained to the Hamburg Village Board last week that problems from students parking on their street became worse last school year. Their cars sometimes block driveways, they litter, and they use vulgar language, residents said.
"It's been not so bad, thus far this year," Nancy Connell said at Tuesday's School Board meeting, adding that there were four or five students out on the corner of North and Division street smoking cigarettes about 10 a.m. Tuesday.
"This year, so far, things have seemed to have gotten better," Dave Grasso added. He said the village police presence in the morning is a huge help, and administrators from the school are outside as well.
"It was just crazy on that street last year," he said.
Board Member Holly Balaya said she drove down the block last year and had to slam on her brakes because of students in the street.
"It looks to me it's much better than it was before," she said.
Parking is banned on school days for three blocks around the school, except for the south side of North Street, near the high school.
Connell suggested the school consider increasing parking on campus.
"We feel the parking situation could be addressed by the school in how many parking passes are passed out," she said.
Superintendent Steven A. Achramovitch said the district is meeting with village officials over the parking issue.
"We are committed to working with you and working with the village," he said.
Mayor Thomas Moses is setting up a committee to address the issue of parking around the high school.