Andrew Letts won't be prosecuted for his reckless driving Monday morning but his mother's insurance company will likely have to foot the bill for a fence, street sign and fire hydrant damage.
Andrew, of Cheektowaga, is 8 years old.
Cheektowaga Police Capt. James Speyer said that shortly after 6 a.m. Monday, April Haynes, Andrew's mother, called 911 when she couldn't find her son in their Willowlawn Parkway home. Police said the mother initially feared he had been kidnapped because his room was in disarray.
She also discovered her car missing.
The car, driven by Andrew, had crashed to a halt onto the lawn of a nearby neighbor. The boy escaped injury.
Andrew, police said, took the keys to her car and drove about a half-mile to Bailey Avenue before getting cold feet and deciding to reverse course and drive back home.
But that's when things went wrong.
Witnesses told police the car jumped a curb, knocked down a stop sign and struck a fire hydrant before coming to a stop on the neighbor's law, Speyer said.
Neither Andrew nor his mother could be reached to comment.
Speyer said the boy will not be charged because of his age.
"There's really nothing we can charge him with because he's so young, but his mother's auto insurer will likely have some money to pay out for the damages he caused," Capt. Speyer said.