Looking for hope in Bills upgrades

First, I'm a Buffalo Bills fan and have been since the 1960s. The two AFL Championships were great but I was a young teenager and didn't fully appreciate and understand the glory of football supremacy.
Then came the lean years, you know those 1-13 years we suffered through year after year. The glory years arrived and Buffalo became the AFC's stalwart team. Four Super Bowls in a row were nothing to sneeze at, but we all know the outcomes.
This year I'm trying to find hope with all our upgrades. I was quite surprised they picked up Vince Young, but ultimately thought he'd be a solid backup if Fitz got hurt.
Now, they go after Tarvaris Jackson, who has a 17-17 record as a starter. I don't get it. Do they see some different in Jackson than they do in Young?
I hope the Jets are as ineffective as they seem to be because so far, I don't see these Bills winning eight games this year, but who knows?
Ron Pecoraro

Gratitude for Moorman's visits

As football season begins we all have high hopes for our beloved Buffalo Bills. At this time I think we should also reflect on our players who contribute to our community all year long. A very special thank you to Brian Moorman and his wife.
They are actively involved in Carly's Club and visits to Roswell's children's wing. Being the grandmother of a granddaughter that has been fighting childhood cancer for over a year I cannot tell you how many times I have seen Brian come through to make these children's life a little happier. We should all be proud and thankful for Brian - he is truly a class act.
Rose Matthewson

Let football season begin

Let the games begin. Finally, the real football games commence, are you listening, Bills? After an 0-4 preseason, does that speak to readiness?
The Jets haven't looked much better. So it looks like a real ho-hum opening. Just remember, coach, to have your ace quarterback hit the receivers in the hands and not the back.
To think we actually kept a spot for a kicker who can kick the ball out of the end zone! What kicker can't nowadays.
So, will the four December games be full of empty seats or frozen diehard fans? But there's always hope at the end of the rainbow, at least let's hope so.
Paul DiVito

WGR should add Cowherd

Everyone knows that WNY is a hockey hotbed. But why does WGR radio schedule a daily morning hockey show when absolutely nothing is going on in the sport? Kevin Sylvester is normally a good host, but there are no trades, signings or games to discuss. Everything is at a standstill due to the labor dispute between owners and players.
WGR dropped national sports host Colin Cowherd for this? What are they thinking? Whether you like Cowherd or not, you have to admit that he knows the NFL and college football. He has excellent insight on both. Also, as you know, it is football season.
On September 15, it is almost a certainty that the NHL owners will lock out the players. By all accounts, the two sides are very far apart in getting a deal done. Do you want to hear four months of daily radio talk about billionaire owners versus millionaire players? I certainly don't, and I bet you don't either. I've already switched from WGR to AM 590 (the Fan) out of Toronto. WGR management should admit their mistake, and get Cowherd back on the air right away. They can go back to the hockey show when the NHL starts.
Dennis Weber

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