About 40 guests at the Motel 6 in Lancaster were left in the dark following an electrical fire that broke out at about 4:30 p.m. Saturday.
The fire was traced to a small laundry room of the Freeman Road motel, located off Transit Road near Buffalo Niagara International Airport.
A worker on the motel's front desk said he first noticed the lights went out in the lobby, and when he glanced across the lobby and into the nearby laundry room, he noticed "molten plastic" dripping from the ceiling.
All guests were evacuated for less than an hour, the employee said, and no one was injured.
Power was lost in all of the guest rooms as well as the front desk computers, which meant motel employees were unable to check in and register guests.
Later Saturday night, employees were not sure when power would be restored.
One patron, Lydia Cromwell, was nervous about making her 4 a.m. flight Sunday with the alarm clock in her second-floor room rendered useless by the outage. Cromwell came down to the motel lobby to make sure one of the employees would wake her in time for the flight.
"This is terrible. I know it's not your fault there was a fire, but this is just horrible," Cromwell told the front-desk employee.
Hotel employees said all guests would receive a refund.
A dispatcher for Lancaster police said a fan on one of the appliances in the laundry room caused the fire and that the damage was "very minor."