Gaughan isn't advocate? of smaller government

The News endorsed Kevin Gaughan in the Democratic primary in the 149th Assembly District. It is clearly the board's prerogative to endorse whomever it chooses. However, if it chooses to justify its endorsement, it would be nice to pick something that is true. The News justified its endorsement by stating that "Gaughan for years has championed smaller government."

Nothing could be further from the truth. He wants to do away with those part-time elected officials, but that is not the same thing as wanting smaller government. Anyone who has had the misfortune to suffer through one of his sanctimonious lectures will know that he never ever mentions reducing taxes with the purported savings of the eliminated positions. He is all in favor of centralizing government, putting more distance between the electorate and the elected officials. This is the complete antithesis of what Thomas Jefferson envisioned.

Gaughan likes big government and wants to spend others' money. He has a misplaced arrogance to think he can spend this money, and much more, better than those who earned it. He may be many things, but an advocate of small, less intrusive, less expensive government he is not.

Jim Mulcahy

Grand Island


Pro-lifers should support? fine efforts of Gospa House

In these times of increased polarization over how much government should be doing to help the poor, it is both refreshing and inspiring to be reminded by Amy Betros and the people connected with St. Luke's Mission of Mercy that we cannot expect government to do it all and that it is the responsibility of each of us to do what we can to help, especially those of us who call ourselves pro-life.

Many of these children who will benefit from Gospa House are born to mothers who chose life at great emotional and economic expense, and without the support of a father who is more often than not missing in action. These children deserve to be raised in the kind of environment that the people of St. Luke's envision for Gospa House. I call on all who call themselves pro-life to strongly support this effort.

Dennis Farrell



Serving the people ?must be top priority

The people of the 149th Assembly District have a right to know the candidate who was labeled "inexperienced" by The News editorial board.

I am a four-time elected commissioner with the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, working to improve the quality of life for seniors, poor and disabled. I also am a Democratic zone chairman and worked on campaigns, including Mickey Kearns and Judge Diane Wray. I went to Albany to sponsor a bill that would restructure the BMHA board of commissioners to improve the way the authority operates. It is still in committee.

I have been married 44 years to my wife, Lori. I have an adopted daughter and two beautiful granddaughters. I thank God the birth mother had the courage to give birth to my beautiful daughter.

I am a union tradesman and labor with family members. As a union member, I walked picket lines for better wages, benefits and working conditions and delivered pizza to feed my family while on strike. I walked off a building project in Niagara Falls when a fellow worker was discriminated against by a supervisor. I have an honorable discharge from military service. I am a board member of WNY Veterans Voices, an advocate group for homeless veterans. I volunteer on two monuments honoring Hispanic veterans and helped organize the first resident council at Marine Drive to fight for resident rights. I worked with residents to prevent a 1,200-car ramp from being constructed at Marine Drive, even though we were told it would not contribute to health issues from excess emissions.

Today's lawmakers have all kinds of degrees, including law. That hasn't helped with dysfunctional government from Washington, D.C., to Albany. We need to get back to basics – values, morals, ethics and common sense. What happened to integrity? Let's bring back the true meaning of public service, serving the people.

Joe Mascia



Turner seems to believe? Republican fairy tales

Douglas Turner's column of Sept. 3 has him being exposed to hard economic truths about the hardships and glories of American business at the Republican convention, but I would suggest that among what he took as Economics 101 are a series of fairy tales.

Turner begins by apparently buying a self-serving narrative that the majority of successful Republican businessmen took a start-up small business or franchise to the path of great wealth, without the help of anyone.

I would be prepared to bet that a majority of the businessmen in Tampa either came from inherited position or out of established business organizations, if only because those are the more typical routes to great success in business these days. The firm embrace of small businessmen by big businessmen is largely a public relations exercise and disguises a rather different form of embrace, as typified by Walmart, as pure a monopoly as this country has seen, and its deadly embrace of small and medium-sized retailers.

There is no point in addressing the absurd GOP notion that President Obama is taking a page from Das Kapital in any respect, except to ask Turner if he would be interested in buying a bridge I have for him in Brooklyn.

John M. MacCallum



Why would Ryan lie?about marathon time?

What makes a man publicly and unnecessarily lie about things that are easily fact checked?

This is what vice presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan did during a recent radio interview, when he claimed a marathon time that was actually more than an hour faster than he actually ran.

And then he added an exclamation point so there was no mistake, "I was fast when I was younger, yeah." His real time was most certainly not fast!

I also ran a marathon back in the early '90s and remember the exact hours and minutes. (OK, I admit I've forgotten the seconds after all these years.)

Since he was being interviewed on right-wing radio, I supposed he calculated that he could disrespect the audience by lying without repercussion. However, I don't think the American people are willing to allow a man whose character countenances lying about such things anywhere near the White House.

Nate Coogan