Hamburg Central High School students block driveways, drop trash and talk trash on village streets, angry neighbors told Village Board members Monday night.
Residents of North Street told board members student parking and behavior has gotten worse over the years. They complained last year, and the village monitored the situation.
"The kids don't care whether they're parked in the right place or the wrong place," Nancy Connell said, adding, "The vulgarity that comes out of their mouths is absolutely horrendous."
North Street residents presented a petition to the village, asking that the problem be solved and parking prohibited on their street. Parking is banned on school days for three blocks around the school, except for the south side of North Street, near the high school.
Village officials are concerned that prohibiting parking on North will move the problem to other streets and that the problems on North Street got worse when parking was banned on other streets.
Another problem comes up when all parking is banned on a street, Trustee Mark Colmerauer said. He said he lives on one of those streets, and he can't have anyone over during the day.
"When I had my roof redone, the trucks couldn't park in the street," he said. "That's not the best system, either."
Residents said students sometimes block driveways with their cars or stand in the street, making it difficult to drive down the street.
"My plumber will only come after 3:30," said one resident.
"They intimidate people. Their language is horrible. It's not a nice thing to see," added Dave Grasso.
Mayor Thomas J. Moses Sr. said he has been talking with school officials over the summer and will continue to work with the district. He arranged for a trash can to be placed near the school. He also asked for patience from residents Monday night and for volunteers to serve on a small committee to work on a solution with the school district.
He said there will be a larger police presence on the street to make sure laws are being followed. He also suggested the school should be monitoring the behavior of students, even when it takes place on a village street.
Peter Danforth, chairman of the village Traffic Safety Committee, said residents should call the police if illegal parking creates an unsafe situation.