Obama's words on business? have been unfairly twisted

When the president said "you didn't build that," he was referring to essential infrastructure businesses can't provide independently. "The point is that when we succeed, we succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together," he said.

The president is right. Take my small business, for example. When it comes to transportation, my products are delivered by UPS over interstate, state and local roads to unambiguous residential delivery addresses. For payment, my credit card processing company is supervised by state and federal regulators. On communication, my business is web-based. The day after the Internet crashes, I'm out of business. The Internet began in a government lab and the government helps keep it safe and secure.

On truthful labeling, I am in the seed distribution business and the Federal Seed Act prohibits mislabeling of products so all companies compete fairly. The Plant Variety Protection Act prevents unauthorized copying of protected inventions, which allows plant breeders to fund research through royalties. This creates a constant stream of improved products for me to sell.

The products I sell are tested across the country by the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program, which was originally created in partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Mitt Romney is a smart guy and a very successful businessman. I am confident he would do his best to maintain our current infrastructure and to foster new and better ways to help make American companies more competitive.

There are many valid reasons to vote for or against Romney or Obama. The false notion that Obama is taking credit for the success of my business is not one of them.

Drew Kinder



Forest Lawn Cemetery ?is a historical treasure trove

I was delighted to see the great Aug. 24 My View by Marion Liebler. She did a wonderful job in describing her tour of Forest Lawn Cemetery. I feel a need, however, to write a short response to her and anyone else who may think, OK, been there, done that. Now, cross it off the bucket list.

Trust me, you have many a tour to go before you can cross those marvelous trips off your to-do list.

Have you thought of taking the women's history tour? Or how about the behind-the-scenes tour that includes a wine and cheese reception in the beautiful gothic-style chapel.

Can't make it on a Sunday? No problem. I understand they also offer more specific themed tours on weekdays. Same trolley, same beautiful grounds, just a different theme each day.

And, with the great weather Buffalo has been having, don't forget the walking tours that are available every day of the week. What an experience. I promise you'll walk away with the words, "I had no idea" filling your spirit.

So you see? It really isn't yet time to cross that particular Buffalo treasure off your personal bucket list.

There's simply so very much still to be taken in.

Lynn Malone Rice

West Seneca


Sticking with the current ?administration is right

An Aug. 28 article in The News read, "Anti-Obama documentary ‘2016' finds an audience." The estimation is that it may replicate the success of Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/1 1."

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell announced in Congress that the main goal of the Republicans will be denying President Obama a second term.

So any program Obama drafted and put into the legislative process was either filibustered in the Senate or voted down in the tea party Republican House.

Even with this burden to carry, the president brought the unemployment rate down from 10.1 percent to 8.3 percent. The recent bump up is workers seeing improvement in the economy looking for jobs again.

Mitt Romney says, "Obama found a bad economy and made it worse." Are we now in an economy that has shrunk by 10 percent and losing a million jobs a month? As I can recall, Romney was governor of Massachusetts for one term. During that term, Massachusetts ranked 47th in job creation in the nation.

The only bright spot was RomneyCare, which he claimed should be used as a model for the entire nation. Obama took him up on his suggestion and even this success is diminished by his opponents.

So look upon Obama as a heart surgeon who is halfway to replacing a bad heart or economy with a new good one. Would you change surgeons at this point because of unfounded rumors that he was incompetent?

Don't get buyer's remorse. Make the right decision in November.

Dick Czarnecki



Movie delineates why? Obama must be voted out

Recently, several family members and I went to see the documentary movie titled "2016: Obama's America." This movie should be required viewing for anyone planning to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

It chronicles the rise of Obama from relative obscurity to becoming the head of state of the most powerful nation on earth.

The movie documents Obama's lifelong affiliation with left-leaning America-hating associates and mentors.

Along the way, it focuses on Obama's anti-capitalism beliefs and reveals his agenda to reduce America's influence around the world, beginning with his systematic dismantling of our economy and military defenses.

Make no mistake about it, Obama represents the greatest threat to current and future generations of liberty-loving Americans. He is trying to punish America for perceived exploitation of less powerful nations and will not stop until he has reduced our once-great country to third world status.

Under Obama, the American Dream is quickly passing into oblivion. He thinks it's fair and just to take hard-earned income from producers and give it to slackers. This is what his "redistribution of wealth" policies are designed to accomplish.

In 2008, we elected a man to the presidency we knew nothing about to prove we are not racists.

Now that we know him better, in 2012, let's send him packing to prove we are not stupid.

Tom Muhlbauer