Voters should give? Romney a chance

People like President Obama – it's a fact. They feel connected to him, and applaud his efforts to help to improve their lives. However, many of his policies have had the opposite effect.

After hearing the message repeated constantly that Bush's policies were a failure and hurt the economy, many believe that to be the truth. In reality, the economy was in much better shape during Bush's presidency than now, and began to falter during his last two years in office when both the House and Senate were controlled by Democrats.

Mitt Romney has been portrayed as a rich guy who has no idea how difficult middle class and poor people's lives are. Because of his wealth, he is out of touch and cares nothing about them and their struggles to make ends meet.

In reality, he feels that he can make changes as president that will be to their benefit, and wants to help everyone achieve success in their lives.

With his experience, he would work to implement policies that would help struggling businesses, and would work with Congress to reduce roadblocks that currently stand in the way of growth. Businessmen would once again have confidence that our laws will not make it harder for them to compete in this economy. Nobody wants big business to take advantage of loopholes that hurt people, but putting barriers in their way that prevent them from making a fair profit benefits no one.

As hard as it may be to believe that a "rich guy" cares about average Americans and has plans to make your lives better, believe it. Bush's "failed" policies aren't responsible for our current economy, but Obama's clearly are.

Elizabeth Grader



Romney proves America ?is the land of opportunity

Is this a great country or what?

Only in America could a man attend the finest private schools and elite universities, avoid military service by doing missionary work on the mean streets of the Left Bank of Paris, use his MBA to buy distressed companies and turn them around or bankrupt them making money for his investors either way, (often by leaving the government to pick up the pension tab) and then proclaim that America should be a land of equal opportunity not equal outcomes while doing everything possible to avoid paying the taxes that might help make that a reality.

He might even win.

Dave Kocak



Darien Lake should learn from its recent mistake

Kudos to News pop music critic Jeff Miers on his Aug. 26 Gusto Extra Jason Aldean review. Thanks for reiterating and reinforcing a very pertinent perspective from the eyes of local fans regarding the new parking policy of Darien Lake, not to mention pointing out the $11 beverages.

Obviously some parking considerations have to be made and could be controversial. I do have good news regarding that however … Artpark! If Darien Lake officials would turn their eyes toward an organization that made big, controversial changes and succeeded, they should look nowhere other than the Lewiston, concert venue.

Artpark obviously cares about the convenience of the fans as well as the quality of the concert environment. I want to highlight some glaring positives. Artpark and Lewiston increased traffic support, added lanes, cones and police to make traffic exiting easier. They addressed capacity and space issues by capping the number of people allowed in and charged a small fee for tickets.

Security has done an excellent job keeping the new standing areas clear of chairs and maintaining clear walking lanes.

Security is also very good at being present, polite, fair and capable of easily removing undesirables. Paying a minimal ticket price is not an issue with such improvements.

It appears Darien Lake has hard lessons to learn but if they look around and listen to fans maybe they can come up with something next season. A little controversy never hurts, either.

Patrick K Oliver II



Peace Bridge solution ?shouldn't be that hard

It would make more sense to have all the customs facilities on the Canadian side of the border where there is ample room. There would be no need for a second bridge and also this would free up the bridge to traffic with no backups. It would also eliminate the need to demolish the historic buildings on the West Side.

Paul Pietrzak



Amherst has greatly erred? in health benefit for judge

I had to read twice the Aug. 26 article about the Town of Amherst decision to give fully paid health insurance to retired Judge Mark G. Farrell and his wife for their entire lifetimes.

This position by the board defies belief and illustrates the need to possibly condense our myriad of town governments into a more responsible, cost-effective unit.

It strains credibility that a retiring judge whose latest salary approached $100,000 could not afford to pay Part B of Medicare (out of his Social Security check) and purchase a separate Medicare supplement policy for additional coverage in the $100 to $200 a month range.

No, the town has agreed to put him and his wife under the town's Medicare plan and ask him to pay 10 percent of the premium. Why? Because he states that he was told back in 1994 that the town's medical benefits policy would not apply to him.

Supervisor Barry Weinstein states that Farrell is a "well-respected judge who has enjoyed an excellent reputation as a town justice for the past 18 years."

Just another example of Western New York politics and why this region has great difficulty in moving forward.

Mark Muchowski

Orchard Park


Amherst should reverse? its health benefits decision

As someone of retirement age and self-employed, I can empathize with Judge Mark G. Farrell's desire to have the Town of Amherst provide post-retirement medical benefit coverage. However, I believe the decision of the board to grant an exception to its clear 18-year-old medical benefits policy to be misguided and setting a bad precedent.

I do not challenge Farrell's recollection of the matter. He may truly believe that he had a conversation in which that exception was discussed and promised. I am reminded of the old legal phrase "he interpreted the remark in a light most favorable to himself." It is natural that after so many years, Farrell would have an earnestly held, even if false, belief in his having been granted the policy exception.

What I find hard to believe is that a person whose occupation is the law would rely on a verbal commitment rather than formal documentation. Farrell knew or should have known the importance of securing clear and incontrovertible evidence of the granting of the exception. No lawyer I know would advise me so.

As a result of the foregoing, I believe that the Amherst Town Board should rescind its exception. In my view, the board's fiduciary responsibility requires a higher standard of evidence than that which the board has accepted in the case of Farrell. If the board is willing to grant such exceptions based solely upon the testimony of the supplicant, it should be prepared for more pleas of this nature from future retirees.

Lee C. Broad



Silver's college plan ?is just to get more votes

Regarding Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's bill for aid for illegal immigrants to attend college, we have a lot of young citizens that need to go to college and have no money. Why should we pay for illegal residents when we have a lot of our own legal citizens that need the money for their education?

My father had to wait five years to come here legally. He had to have a sponsor to make sure he worked, not be a burden to the country and would be able to provide for his wife and three children. That was in 1955. Today it seems like we are encouraging people to come here illegally and get a college education.

Silver's excuse is to help young illegal immigrants to enter college because this country needs more engineers and scientists. What's wrong with our young legal citizens? This should go towards helping them, not rewarding somebody to do something illegally. It's clearly a vote grabber. Don't get me wrong; I am for legal immigration for everybody from any country.

Silver should propose a tax cut rather then giving away money. We citizens should reclaim our country. It's time to clean the house.

Rolando Nati



Obama administration? has failed the nation

American ingenuity is being stifled by this administration.

Instead of developing our national resources and extending the Keystone Pipeline to create thousands of high-paying jobs, our economy languishes with high-priced foreign oil and a bleak outlook for the future with rising debt and unsustainable promises.

Our president will not allow off-shore drilling here, so why has he funded drilling in Brazil and other foreign governments with our tax dollars to expand their economies?

Commerce has slowed to a crawl with the endless regulations that have been imposed on growth. More and more of our citizens are out of work. Hope is a thing of the past. Change looks like failure.

We need new leadership to restore the American Dream – our American dream. The one that was founded by our forebears with the blood, sweat and tears of a nation committed to freedom.

Joann Costello

East Aurora