The Town of Aurora has been talking about relocating government offices for 15 years, and now it is about to accomplish that.
Town offices will move from the castle-like chapel on the Roycroft campus to the recently purchased Southside School at 300 Gleed Ave., possibly by the end of September.
The tentative target date for the move is Sept. 20-21, with the town officially opening at its new location Sept. 24, Aurora Supervisor Jolene Jeffe said Monday.
While the Town Board has been holding its meetings at the Gleed Avenue site for a few years, town government has remained based at the campus on South Grove Street. Voters in June 2011 approved a referendum, including an $877,000 bond, calling for the town offices to move to Gleed.
Town officials already agreed to sell the chapel on the campus to the Margaret L. Wendt Foundation. The town and foundation were negotiating the terms of that sale for years before it was resolved, and then the town searched for years for a feasible alternative location before buying the Gleed site.
In the meantime, the town has been renting the chapel from the foundation and would have had to move out by April.
The Town Board on Monday awarded a $6,054 bid from Visual Impact Signs in East Aurora for new signs inside and outside the building. Instead of calling the location Aurora Town Hall or 300 Gleed, town officials have decided to name it the Town of Aurora Southside Municipal Center.
“I wanted it to be something other than dreary ‘Town Hall,’?” Jeffe said, noting that the Southside name reflects its previous life as Southside School and its proximity to the town’s Community Pool and athletic fields bordering South Street.
Highway Superintendent David Gunner announced that the town has completed resurfacing of the tennis courts on South Street and expects to break ground today on the final four youth baseball diamonds at the Southside fields.
The Town Board also set special budget meetings for 3 p.m. today, Sept. 10 and Oct. 3 at the current Town Hall.