Rejecting the Audubon swap ?is the obvious course of action

Amherst Town Supervisor Barry Weinstein at a recent town board meeting announced that he, once again, is coming to the rescue and single-handedly leading the charge in negotiations for a land swap proposal put forth by Mensch Capital Partners.

Mensch wants to trade the 170 acre Westwood Country Club property for comparable town acreage consisting of the Audubon Golf Course, two softball diamonds and five soccer/football fields. Not to worry though, Weinstein promises to keep our elected town board abreast of any developments.

Where is it written that the town has to give serious consideration to every ill-conceived proposal put forth by a developer? Rejecting it should be a no-brainer and for more reasons than there is space allotted to me in this column to enumerate.

Mensch made its deal for Westwood; let the company live with it. Furthermore, allowing our town fathers to go off on a toot for the next 12 months spending untold thousands of dollars and manpower hours beating this issue to death to only arrive at the same conclusion (let us not forget our perennial wastewater plant problem while we are at it) not to mention riling up numerous youth and adult sporting associations and other citizens groups in the process are other very good reasons to support rejecting this proposal.

If this proposal is not rejected promptly by our elected officials, town residents would be strongly advised to closely follow this issue and insist on more hands-on involvement by other town board members than what Weinstein would like to see and demand transparency and solid factual analyses, whatever tentative agreement will be reached every step along the way. Remember, we have what this development group wants - our public property. This is not the other way around.

Edward F. McKee

East Amherst


Wire article did not need ?to include Ride's sexuality

The July 26 Associated Press article about Sally Ride disturbed me.

She was an intelligent, courageous woman. Just reporting on her achievements would have told the readership about a remarkable person. Why did the reporter think that it was important for the public to know that she was a lesbian?

Generally, an obituary does not mention sexual orientation – unless the person being written about is not heterosexual. Who cares about anyone's sexuality? What is important is how the deceased person conducted his or her life.

The homosexual community has long desired to be included in the fabric of everyday life. By mentioning this difference, the article is promoting intolerance rather inclusion.

Myra Falk

East Amherst


This country has to become? more vocal on unfair trade

Throughout the history of the United States there have been many inequities and struggles, but progression and economic advancement have always triumphed. However, with advent of the supply-side trade and economic policy, our industrial, environmental and social advances have been short-circuited.

When our companies outsource their production overseas, technological advances that competing nations previously purchased – or, resorted to industrial spying – are now given freely along with resulting jobs and prosperity. Advances in pollution control and fair labor practices are also negated.

Proponents argue there will be escalating social advances in totalitarian China. Consequently, they will later become a legal, fair and open market for us. Has allowing unequal trade advantages to self-absorbed partners worked so far? Japan, less than the geographic size of California, has all but taken over our electronics, steel and automotive industries without reciprocating.

Our standard for fair competition is skewed.

There are those who maintain unfair foreign imports should not be taxed to level the manufacturing playing field or balance our national debt.

They use words like protectionism, socialism and global economy to defend the supply-side trade and economic system to make it sound different and better than it was during Dickens' time, but it's not.

It's time for United States citizens to stop being led into polarized acrimony and dedicated apathy towards multinational corporations taking over of our country.

Louis L. Boehm

Orchard Park


Romney proved himself?an international disaster

Only a Republican like Mitt Romney can return from a disastrous tour of Europe, where supposedly he was polishing his foreign policy skills, and claim the trip was a success. The mistakes he made in that short trip – alienating the Palestinians, angering the British and ignoring the press – show he is not ready for any leadership position.

However, his greatest flaw is his lack of courage and candor. It amazes me how the pro-military Republican Party can accept a candidate who received four deferments during the Vietnam era. And, he has five healthy sons who never served in the military. Dwight D. Eisenhower must be rotating in his grave.

On the candor issue, he refuses to reveal the same number of tax returns his father did.

The Republicans are stuck with an empty and soulless candidate. Not all the money and advertisement in the world can put this humpty-dumpty back together again!

Joseph M. Yonder



Obama has been wrong?all these years for America

President Obama thinks success is a gift from the government. When he doesn't have his teleprompter, he says what he really thinks. His famous quote, "If you have a business, you didn't build it. Somebody else made it happen." Say that to Henry Ford (auto) and Steve Jobs (Apple).

Obama is the most business-despising president in history. Instead of helping entrepreneurs grow the economy, he trashes them and pushes us farther into a recession.

Obama does not understand that his government-centered model is doing more harm than good. In almost four years, he has slumping numbers on jobs, retail sales, manufacturing and home sales.

Food stamp use is soaring and disability benefits are rising faster than jobs. Obama has pushed us toward a European-style model, not an American one.

The founding fathers who created our government were very distrustful of the centralized power Obama seems to worship. Government does not create wealth. Government collects wealth and consumes those funds in a very wasteful and inefficient manner.

If the government were put in charge of the Sahara Desert, we would have a sand shortage in five years. God help us if Obama wins another four years because we would become like Greece.

John Orlowski