Bury the Scajaquada ?and reclaim parkland

Recently, an article about the woes of the Scajaquada Expressway talked about all that's wrong. I'm willing to pile on. I've driven it thousands of times commuting to my job in north Buffalo. It is the best way to get there from here.

The only cure for such a poorly designed and thought out roadway is to kill it and bury it deep underground. Call it "The Big Dig Comes to WNY." Returning that strip of earth to parkland should be the only option. Tunnel a path from the Kensington Expressway (or at least Parkside Avenue) to the I-190, period.

While researching some 1953 Bell Aircraft news at the library, I came across the article about putting the Delaware Avenue off ramp where it sits today. You can't help but think it was a bad idea 59 years ago. And it's still a bad idea today. Remove that highway and dig the tunnel!

Paul Friedrich



Shooting death of teen? belongs on front page

In the July 24 News on the first page of the City & Region Section there was an article with a picture of a cat shot between the eyes with an arrow. Comments about this incident were "a shocking crime," "the SPCA is vowing to pursue the toughest possible criminal charges, felony cruelty, against the person responsible" and "horrible … depraved."

On the third page of the same section that day, there was a very small article about a so-far unnamed teenage boy shot to death on Davidson Street. Just another fatal shooting in the city. On the heels of the shooting rampage in Colorado, it seems to me that this incident is woefully understated. Another person who has tragically lost his life by violence should not just be tucked away on page three when a cat shot by an arrow gets more attention.

In our parish, St. Joseph University Church in Buffalo, during our services we pray for by name those murdered, as well as the murdered victim's family and for the elimination of violence on our city streets. There are other churches and groups in the area that have this intention as part of their mission. The issue of gun violence should continue to be in the forefront of our consciousness, as well as the serious issue of the gun culture that continues to develop.

Susan Stievater



Welded Tube's investment? in steel site is great news

Congratulations to Welded Tube USA on its decision to invest more than $50 million to develop the shuttered Bethlehem Steel site in Lackawanna. This news, announced in the July 17 News, is a cross-border nod to this region's industrial past and promising future.

Welded Tube's investment means this site, significant to Western New York's industrial base for more than 100 years, will once again employ New Yorkers and will support Lackawanna's tax base. It's another connection to Canada, specifically to Welland, Ont., which boasts one of the largest steel tube making facilities in North America. The end product will be used in a myriad of industrial applications, including the natural gas industry in the Appalachian basin. Developing New York's natural gas resources, particularly in the Marcellus Shale, is a game-changer for American energy independence and New York's economy. Welded Tube's commitment to our region demonstrates that, too. Welded Tube is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute to produce casing, tubing and line pipe to API's specifications. As a result, Welded Tube's Canadian facility now offers the global energy marketplace line pipe produced to the broader industry standard.

The Erie County Industrial Development Agency brought a good one home: this region and our state are rife with opportunities for economic prosperity related to the safe, efficient, American natural gas. Let's keep it coming.

Cherie Messore

Director of Public Relations

Independent Oil & Gas Association of New York, Hamburg


Has corporate greed ?taken over health care?

On July 16, I celebrated 33 years of service at Buffalo General Hospital as a registered nurse. I love my job, my co-workers and my patients. It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter.

I am very tired of working short-staffed and being unable to provide the care my patients deserve. Every day a multitude of staff, nurses, aides, pharmacists, environmental staff, security officers and X-ray personnel come to work. These are hard-working, caring people. We are continually asked to do the impossible, working short-staffed with low, and at times even without, supplies to care for our patients.

Nurses work 12-hour shifts, often leaving work late, without taking a lunch break because this would cause an undue burden on their co-workers. They are told by management they are to leave on time and to avoid overtime at all costs. How are we to perform these monetary miracles while giving adequate medical care to our patients? Managers are instructed by the higher echelon to reduce their budgets. We see the fear in their eyes for loss of their jobs if this edict is not accomplished.

Has corporate greed taken over health care? Will a shiny new glass hospital already built and another on its way alleviate our short staffing? We continue to ask for help. But our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Jacquelyn A. Hallinan

Orchard Park


Israel should grant all? full citizenship rights

A recent column by Trudy Rubin, titled "Israel should be wary," cautioned against a government committee proposal that Israel annex most of the West Bank – leading to expanding settlement activity in the West Bank. She pointed out that this would lead to permanent rule over the millions of Palestinians who live there, and to Israel becoming an apartheid state, with no longer any hope of establishing a future Palestinian state.

Unfortunately, this argument is late. There has not been any hope for a future Palestinian state for some time now. This is precisely because of the already intertwined Jewish settlements in the West Bank, and the special settler-only roads that connect them to Israel proper, as she noted.

Judging from current Israeli politics, there is also no support for any of the accommodations necessary for a Palestinian state. The so-called two-state solution is a scam – a false hope dangled before the Palestinians (and the rest of the world) to keep them quiet. Israel is now an apartheid regime, like it or not.

As recent events prove, such as the bus bombing in Bulgaria, this is a struggle that refuses to go away, and the tit-for-tat killing by each side just prolongs and makes the hatred deeper, and makes the region more likely to explode. There is a real solution: full Israeli citizenship rights for everyone within the borders of Israel proper, Gaza and the West Bank. South Africa ended its apartheid regime; Israel needs to do the same.

Eric A. Gallion