Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

* * *

Shea's: An article by News staff reporter Mark Sommer on the treatment of volunteer ushers at Shea's Performing Arts Center brought several responses, including this from Steven Hewitt of Buffalo:

Sitting in the last row at Shea's is not going to maximize my experience, but a friendly experienced face might. These volunteers provide a community service, and many have done so for a long time. When more ushers are hired because there aren't enough volunteers, and the price of my ticket increases, the fact that someone sat in an empty seat on the other side of an aisle won't keep me from paying for that seat.

* * *

Coming and going and staying put: In a response to News staff reporter Jay Rey's Spotlight article on this area's migration patterns, Andrew Tod of Tokyo-To, Fuchu-Shi, Japan, wrote:

I moved to Tokyo, Japan. Do I miss Buffalo? Yes, of course. Do I WANT to move back, ever? Not if I can avoid it. If I do move back to Buffalo, would I still plan to leave again? Yes.

Why? Well, for one thing, the taxes here in Japan are fairly high. However, I get so much out of the deal. The two most palpable: I get amazing health care, and I get the most amazing train system on the planet.

Is that fair to tiny Buffalo? No. But coming back to Buffalo does mean this I have to buy a car, ugh. Then I have to buy gas, bleh. Then insurance, gross. Now I have to pay upkeep and maintenance costs, yuck.

Forget that. Until the infrastructure of Buffalo and most of America improves, I don't want to come back. It's too car dependent. There's not enough mobility.

* * *

BillBoard: Mark Gaughan's blog on whether the Buffalo Bills might land Mario Williams brought this enthusiastic response from renick4:

If this guy decides to play here in Buffalo, he will be loved and treated like Bruce Smith after the first snap of the ball! He is huge, and a quarterback nightmare! There will be fans chanting his name, and jerseys sold by the millions! The once empty fair-weather seats at the Ralph will be full again! This could be Buffalo's ticket to being a force in the NFL in sell-outs again!

Not to be a poke in the eye, but we all know how empty it can get at the Ralph when things are not going our way. If we have just ONE more embarrassing year of unfilled seats here, we are toast! If we can't show the NFL how much we love this team here, it won't be. It's hard everywhere, Buffalo. But if the Bills mean that much to you, you better show up on game day or this team will REALLY be gone in the next couple years!

Get back on the wagon and be a part of it all, or get in line for the parade of trucks leaving town! I know your pain! I can barely pay for new tires on my car! But if the Bills leave it will be a HUGE loss for the whole city! I hate to admit it but the media are right, this town will crumble if they leave! I will, too! Please, Buffalo back this team! LET'S GO BUFFALO!

* * *

Bruce Andriatch: The columnist's entertaining piece on the puzzles of passwords elicited this humorous response from Robert Agnello of Grand Island:

If I told you my strategies, Bruce, you might then be able to guess my passwords! But I will say having a system you can remember helps juggle passwords across multiple sites. Then again, that might make the thinking even harder. Hello 1a2b3c4d! haha

Jonathan Grimaldi of Buffalo offered:

What I find helpful is to use the acronym to a phrase or sentence that is specific to the site the password is for. This results in a strong password, hard to guess and that is somewhat easier to remember. For example my password for this site might be TBNpw4c "The Buffalo News password for commenting." This is obviously not my password but you get the idea.