"Earwig and the Witch" by Diana Wynne Jones; illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky; Greenwillow Books, $15.99.

Earwig was left as a baby at St. Morwald's orphanage, and she likes living there, with her friend Custard, getting all the people in charge to do what she wants them to. She definitely does not wish to be taken home by any of the people who show up looking for children to adopt and goes out of her way to look as unlovable as possible.

Then a very strange couple shows up and takes her home, and it takes Earwig quite awhile to get them in line! Will she actually get to learn some spells? Or is she doomed to be a drudge to her new "parents"?

Earwig is a charming character, and this vivid, funny story has a most satisfying ending.

-- Jean Westmoore



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College and pro football players often tape their fingers, believing the tape will make their grip stronger. However, a scientific study found that there was no difference in the grip strength of players whose fingers were taped and players whose fingers were not taped.

-- "Time Book of Why"