The word blast can be defined in many ways. The first, "a party, especially a wild one." Next, "an explosion." Then there's always "a loud, sudden noise," "the blowing of a trumpet" or "to produce a loud blaring sound." Put all of these together and you have the Tony and Emmy Award-winning performance, appropriately named, "BLAST!" This astonishing musical performance pushes, and clearly breaks, the boundaries set by any musical group and performance before them.

"BLAST!," which came to Shea's Performing Arts Center last week, creates the perfect atmosphere to forget any and all burdens that may be weighing you down, blaring them clean off your mind with intense drum battles and sweeping them away with smooth melodies, all while bringing an immense amount of athleticism and precision to the stage. The only way to describe this performance seems to be Trans-Siberian Orchestra meets Cirque de Soleil meets drum line" and even with that combination of amazing shows, the comparison doesn't even begin to do it justice.

"BLAST!" is unique. It takes the bar of expectation, smashes it to bits, and then rebuilds it 50 stories higher.

The energy of the performers radiates as they jump around the stage and seemingly effortlessly play difficult musical pieces. There is no downside to any part of this show. While every section is fabulous, the percussion section is especially phenomenal. The precision and showmanship of each performer in the section far exceeded any expectation that I had.

The performers' interaction with the audience leaves everyone laughing. Amusing gestures and even high fives to audience members give the show an added boost. At one point, as musicians line the aisles and play deep notes on the didgeridoo, an Australian wind instrument, you could feel the notes go through your body as the sound filled the room.

All in all, this show is nothing short of a blast.

Hannah Gordon is a junior at Immaculata Academy.