"Hey Janice: Drinking and Buffalo wings are staples of Buffalonians, but what about morning-after drinking? I feel breakfast is overshadowed by the number of late-night drinkers who are sleeping in. I am 24 years old and live on Elmwood. I recently moved up here from New York City, where every place serves a drinking-man's breakfast, aka unlimited mimosas or bloody Marys. I love this type of wake up! Where is the best place to find breakfast or, better off, a brunch? Ones that include breakfast cocktails are even better!"

-- Jake B., Buffalo (1 2/2 7/1 1)

"OK. Now I really need that breakfast answer. My birthday is coming up and my parents are coming in for breakfast. This is also the first time my parents and my girlfriend's parents will be meeting. Not a huge deal, but somewhat important. Please recommend some ideas where we can go for brunch."

-- Jake B., Buffalo ( 1/1 6/1 2)

A. Are these two separate questions, Jake? Are you, or are you not, hoping to ease a significant meeting with a cocktail or two? Never mind. With these suggestions, you can go either way:

Slightly funky Betty's, 370 Virginia St., offers brunch (which it calls "blunch") on Saturdays and Sundays, with goodies like the Breakfast Burrito, Tofu Hash (with caramelized onions, thank goodness), and Chilaquiles, said to be a Mexican hangover cure. This last is a casserole of eggs, corn tortillas, onions, jalapenos, cheese and more.

Mimosas and Bloodies are both on the menu, but I don't know about unlimited. You can make your own mimosas for your table for $43, which gives you a carafe of O.J. and a bottle of either Prosecco or champagne.

Left Bank, 511 Rhode Island St., serves brunch on Sundays, with standard fare like Eggs Benedict and wonders like Walnut Encrusted French Toast with Cranberry Chambord Sauce or Potato Pancakes with fruit salsa and smoked trout. It has a full bar.

At Acqua, 2192 Niagara St., your parents have a full view of the Niagara River. The Sunday brunch here is a buffet with carving stations, omelet stations and the like, plus a full bar.

Shango, 3260 Main St., offers a varied Sunday brunch that is Cajun slanted. Examples: Poached Egg, Lobster Cake, Corn Maque Choux or Panko fried egg, Blackened Sausage and Andouille and Creole Red Beans. There's a wine bar.

31 Club, 31 N. Johnson Park, has an elegant sit-down Sunday brunch and is the most formal in this list. Menu includes Apple Pie Oatmeal, Giambotta (that's Italian sausage, potatoes, roasted peppers and onions), quiches and omelets, plus a full bar.

And finally, there's no alcohol, but it is as wholesome as can be: the Original Pancake House. You'll find them at 2075 Niagara Falls Blvd., Amherst; 3019 Union Road, Orchard Park; and the one I prefer, at 4479 Main St., Williamsville -- always jammed. Yes, it's a chain, but everything is made from scratch -- even the orange juice. I like the puffy Dutch Baby Pancake topped with sugar and a little lemon juice.

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