"Deadtime Stories: Grave Secrets" by Annette and Gina Cascone; Starscape/Tor Teen, $14.99.The suspense never lets up in this first book in a series written by sisters and all set to be movies.

Amanda has a pet cemetery in her backyard, but when she and her friends decide to bury a dead squirrel, they find themselves unearthing a very old doll -- and angering a very scary next-door neighbor who just may or may not be a witch and who seems to be very fond of eating rats and possibly casting spells on the neighbor kids.

Stay tuned for "The Witching Game," "The Beast of Baskerville" and "Invasion of the Appleheads," all due out this year.

-- Jean Westmoore



During the cold months of Antarctica's winter, male emperor penguins huddle by the hundreds in the snow and ice. The females lay the eggs, and then the males keep the eggs warm on the tops of their feet for about 65 days. A layer of skin on the male's stomach hangs down over the egg to keep it warm. Where are the females during this period? After laying the eggs, the females go off to feed. When they return, they are fat and warm. After the eggs hatch, it's the male's turn to feast.

-- Time Book of Why