"Devilishly Good Looking," an EP by Don't Be A Hero, was released Saturday night in front of about 300 people at Xtreme Wheels on Hertel Avenue. Accompanied by some of Buffalo's brightest bands, the show went off very well.

Currents, the opening band, got the show off on the right foot with its high energy and heavy sound. Playing its first show in three months, the band did not miss a beat despite obtaining a new vocalist.

Sheltered By Skies followed with an impressive set and impressive vocals from Drew Carlson. And while I had heard nothing but good things leading up to the show, the set far exceeded the hype.

Both bands have endless potential and are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

The Bella Donna took the stage a half-hour early when With My City My Secret dropped out of the line-up. This, however, had no effect on the band, which gave the best performance of the night. When the band played its single, "Follow Me Home," the crowd response was the best it had been all night. The performance set the bar extremely high for Red October and Don't Be A Hero.

Red October took the stage with a high-energy set. Although its vocalist was out of town and the band was unable to practice prior to the performance, the set was very well put together, showing its legitimacy. This band promises new songs in the near future, and it's sure to be worth the wait.

As the night came to an end, Don't Be A Hero took the stage, playing in front of what was obviously a good number of friends and family that came to show their support. The band's EP turned out to be extremely well mixed and soundly put together, definitely worth checking out.

Ed Slowinski is a senior at City Honors.