Another school year is now in full swing, and we all have to face it whether we like it or not. So what comes with the start of school? Fall sports. This is the time for all those athletes out there to shine. Some are just crazy athletes who love anything physical; some are in it for pure sport itself; some just for fun and to get involved; and some just to make something of themselves.

Many school athletes give up the majority of their August -- the end of summer vacation -- to devote to a team in the making. Day after day, preseason workouts make your body ache, but you know it will be all worth it when game time comes rolling along.

But wait, what if you come all this way just to find out you're not getting any playing time? You sit there as the seconds on the time clock count down, watching your coach put in every one of your teammates but you. Well, you're not alone. It happens in every sport.

That's me on my varsity soccer team. There are a few of us in the same boat, and all it does is leave us confused and frustrated. Practices aren't easy these days -- drills followed by scrimmages and maybe even some more running and drills. Every day we all work so hard, but in the end it doesn't seem to do us any good. Sports shouldn't be like this. It should be fun and make everyone excited to learn and work hard.

Take a minute to look back on your season so far. What would you say about it? It's pretty boring and a waste of your time? Hold on, you still have time to change that, and you better get started soon.

Bench-warming doesn't have to be stressful and annoying, it could be more fun than playing! Show your team spirit and support your team every second. This is your time to yell and shout and give them encouragement. This is also the time to get to know teammates who you don't know that well. Start up some conversation and have a good laugh to take the pressure and stress away. Wear your jersey with pride as you walk the halls during the school day; be proud that you can represent your hard work. Even though you haven't earned your spot in the lineup, you still work hard enough to have the jersey.

Participating in your sport should be fun, so why make it horrible for yourself? This is your time to be silly and have fun with people who you never get to talk to otherwise.

Sure, you don't play in the games but that doesn't make you any less part of the team. In fact, everyone gives you more credit for pushing through, and you should be proud. Look at all those times you ran for what felt like hours, but you did it because you wanted to prove yourself. Who knows? Maybe you might end up getting some time to play and show your coach what the team has been missing out there! Never give up on the game you love.

Ashton Warner is a junior at Frontier High School.