Steve Carell left "The Office" (NBC) last Thursday and he took with him all the office supplies, especially the staples and tape that seem to be barely holding this show together.

Carell played Dunder Mifflin Branch Manager Michael Scott, a boss who inappropriately executed his zany ideas, for a seven-season run.

As the show started declining in creativity and humor by Season Six, it was clear to viewers how important Carell's character was because he was always funny. Carell's final episode last week was very disappointing. It wasn't a fitting farewell to one of the strongest-written and best-acted characters on TV.

So here's a list of some of Michael Scott's best moments, as a more fitting tribute to a character that made us laugh until it hurt and one who made "that's what she said" a national catchphrase.

*Christmas Party (Season Two): The best of the annual Christmas-themed episodes. After Michael spent $200 on a "secret Santa" gift ($20 was the agreed-upon limit), he decided because he didn't get the gift he wanted to play "Yankee Swap" (participants get to steal somebody else's gift). This episode showed just how much of an ensemble series this is and how funny each character could be. It ends with Michael going against company policy and buying alcohol for the party, choosing employee happiness over the consequences of his actions.

*Beach Games (Season Three): Showing the extent of Michael's eccentric ideas, after applying for a job at corporate, Michael decides to hold a "Survivor"-style competition to choose his successor at the regional level. It's just really funny watching these people battle it out in competitions that have nothing to do with being a manager. There's even a hot dog contest, which Stanley is determined to win.

*Fun Run (Season Four): Michael, after hitting Meredith with his car in the parking lot, tries to reassure everybody that he is still a good person. While she is in the hospital, it is discovered that Meredith has rabies, so Michael decides that he needs to organize a run to raise money for a cure (which there already is). After berating obese employees for not signing up, they get the last laugh when Michael is the only person in the office not to finish the 5K; a distance he thinks is 5,000 miles.

*Stress Reliever (Season Five): After the staging of an elaborate fire drill by Dwight, Stanley has a heart attack and returns to work with a stress monitor. After it's discovered that Michael is the cause of the most stress in Stanley's life, Michael allows his employees to hold a roast, in which they get to say whatever they want to his face. This episode shows the closeness of the ensemble; they are able to say the truth about what they think of one another, laugh it off, and then get back to work.

*Diversity Day (Season One): This is one of the earliest episodes and easily the funniest. After Michael makes racist comments, "The Office" has diversity training. Mr. Brown is sent by Dunder Mifflin headquarters to train the staff, and Michael ends up taking over the teaching. This is the episode that made viewers realize how funny, brilliant and non-politically correct this show could be. This episode showed that Michael Scott simply was ... the boss.


Ian Scaduto is a junior at Clarence High School.