Alone, forgotten;

Abandoned by what were friends.

Parties, get-togethers;

We're not there, not invited.

Talking about parties in front of our faces;

We ask to go, the answer is known.

"Why would we want you there?"

Again, they don't care.

Others try, they try to help;

It's no use, they need to apologize themselves.

But, what do you know, right?

Do what you will.

I don't care anymore, okay?

Just remember those you've hurt along the way.

Paige M. Currie, eighth grade, DeSales Catholic School, Lockport


Closest to Heaven

    Forget the world,    

We won't let them see,    

With their deceiving eyes,    

Judging everything we do,    

I love you,    

And you love me,    

And that's all we need,    

Because being with you,    

Is the closest to heaven I have ever been.    

-- Chelsea Miller, age 14, grade nine, Warsaw Middle School  

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