On the American Idols luxury tour bus somewhere near Albany last week, Williamsville East senior John Stevens IV thought for a moment before deciding what message to send home. "I'm thinking about my family, and would like to say hi to them," he says. "And to my friends from high school -- have a good month and a half, and I'll see you soon!"

Stevens will see his classmates after the tour wraps up on Sept. 30 in Honolulu. But his classmates -- and anyone else in Western New York who supported him during his "American Idol" appearances in the spring -- can see him Tuesday.

The American Idol tour hits the stage at 7 p.m. Tuesday in HSBC Arena. The show includes 10 contestants from the previous season's talent contest/reality show, from Amy Adams (booted on March 31) to the eventual winner, Fantasia Barrino. The only ones missing are the pair ejected first, Matthew Rogers and Leah LaBelle.

The contestants will perform songs seen during the show, as well as new material, including a Prince medley. Solos, duets and group performances are on the bill.

Stevens, who celebrated his 17th birthday on the day the tour stopped in Detroit, is accompanied by his mother, Lynn, on the tour.