Two babies infected with the AIDS virus were born in December to women believed to have contracted HIV from Nushawn Williams, health officials said Wednesday.

This brings to 16 the number of people authorities say Williams might have infected with the human immunodeficiency virus.

It remains unclear whether Williams is the father of either child, officials said.

Health officials, fearful of a spreading AIDS crisis in Chautauqua County, identified Williams on Oct. 27.

The announcement prompted hundreds of young women and men to flock to public health clinics for HIV tests and counseling.

Williams is suspected of having had 48 primary sexual partners in the area, including 13 women who have been infected. Authorities say the 48 women, in turn, had sexual contacts with 86 other people.

One man became infected after having sex with a woman believed to have been infected by Williams.

None of the other infected women is believed to be pregnant, a Chautauqua County health official said.

An investigation in New York City -- where Williams also lived -- found 10 people who said they had sex with Williams and tested positive for HIV, which causes AIDS.

But their drug use and multiple sexual partners make it difficult to determine whether Williams was responsible for their infections, officials said.

Williams, 21, is being held in a New York City jail on a drug charge.

Earlier this month, a judge ordered that more psychiatric tests be performed on Williams before he is sentenced. He has previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Williams faces a statutory rape charge in Chautauqua County, and authorities say they also will probably file more charges against him.