The memory of 35 students killed when terrorists bombed Pan Am Flight 103 will endure as long as Syracuse University stands, Chancellor Melvin Eggers said Sunday as he dedicated a memorial to them.

More than 600 people, including the families of the victims, gathered at the heart of campus to watch the university unveil "The Place of Remembrance" for the students. Its centerpiece is a 4-foot-high, semicircular limestone wall bearing the names of the 35 students engraved in an 18-inch granite band around the top.

The wall sits in a bricked plaza at the entrance to the university in front of the Hall of Languages, the school's oldest building.

"For next generations of entering students who look upon The Place of Remembrance . . . they will know that the students who were lost will be remembered so long as this university shall stand," Eggers said. "The students we honor this day will serve as an inspiration for all students over the years to live full, warm and contributive lives," he said.

The ceremony followed an interfaith service in Syracuse's Hendricks Chapel, during which the Rev. Richard Phillips told nearly 400 people that the day was for remembering the 35 students killed in the Dec. 21, 1988, bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland, not for mourning them.