The Big Picture -- With the 9-6 win over the Jets, the Bills clinched the AFC Eastern Division championship and assured themselves of at least one home playoff game. Buffalo ran its winning streak to seven games, two shy of the team record set by the 1964 AFL championship club. The beat goes on.
Play of the Game -- Fred Smerlas throws his left paw in the air and what probably would have been a game-winning 40-yard field goal comes crashing to the earth.

Asked how close he came to not getting a piece of the ball, Smerlas replied in typical Freddie Fashion: "I don't know. I didn't have my slide rule handy."
Quote of the Day -- Marv Levy, asked about his feelings upon clinching the AFC East: "If I may give a little bit of hyperbole, we liberated Paris, but it's 600 miles to Berlin."
Quote of the Day, II -- Smerlas, asked what the weather is like in Buffalo the first week of January, replied: "Miserable. Any team that comes up here is going to die."
Sign of Times -- One sign read: (NBC) No Big Mouth Commentary (with a slash through Dan Dierdorf's name).
Sign of Times, II -- The words "Which New Yorker has a bigger mouth?" over a drawing of the toothy mouth that is talk show host Morton Downey Jr.'s trademark, and the number 40 jersey of Jet cornerback James Hasty.
Unsung Hero -- Derrick Burroughs. The Bills cornerback returned in the second half despite an early jaw injury and forced the Roger Vick fumble that set up Scott Norwood's winning 30-yard field goal.
Unsung Hero II -- The Bills offensive line -- Will Wolford, Jim Ritcher, Kent Hull, Tim Vogler and Joe Devlin -- gave Jim Kelly time to read the Jet menu and opened holes for 229 rushing yards.
Moon Over Rich -- Jim Ringo showed a side of himself few have seen late in the first quarter. Jet quarterback Pat Ryan, driven out of bounds on a scramble, knocked the Bills offensive coordinator down. Ringo rose, but his pants -- weighed down by the battery pack that powers his headphones -- didn't. Fans in Section B 12 got a spectacular view of the early-afternoon moon.

"I put a towel over my head," said Bills offensive guard Jim Ritcher, "because I didn't want him to see me laughing."
Game Balls -- Everybody got one, but special presentations went to Robb Riddick, Smerlas and to Carlton Bailey for special teams play.
Biggest Hit -- The one Shane Conlan put on Al Toon after the Jet receiver's 5-yard reception early in the fourth quarter. The gain, in this case, wasn't worth the pain.
Second-Biggest Hit -- The massive block Jamie Mueller laid on cornerback Bobby Humphery on Riddick's 15-yard run early in the third quarter. Humphery was briefly airborne and landed flat on his back.
Zebra Watch -- Not a distinguished day for the men in vertical stripes. Largest inconsistency involved personal fouls called and not called in the early going.

Jim Kelly, heading out of bounds, was thrown down by cornerback James Hasty's helmet-high tackle. Kelly went after Hasty, but there was no call.

On the Jets' next possession, Leonard Smith was flagged for throwing Wesley Walker out of bounds by the shoulder pad, then ejected for delivering a forearm to Hasty after the Jet came at him from behind.
Attendance Update I -- Bills Fever persists. A sellout, with 80,244 tickets sold. Actual attendance was 78,389, with the no-show count at only 1,855 on a rainy afternoon.
Attendance Update II -- Seven games, a Bills record seven sellouts. Previous sellout high was six, in 1974 and 1981. The season total of 545,454 in-house is just 56,258 fewer than the all-time club record of 601,712 set in '81. With the last regular-season home game, Dec. 11 against the Raiders, nearly a sellout, a record attendance year seems all but assured.
Next Opponent -- At Cincinnati Sunday afternoon. The Bills can clinch home field for both playoff games with a victory in the battle of AFC giants.
A Hasty Retreat -- Jet cornerback James Hasty, who said he had "no respect" for the Bills receivers after Buffalo's 37-14 win Oct. 17, covered his tracks.

Asked if he had changed his opinion, Hasty replied, "I have, but I'm not going to make a statement as far as how I feel about the Bills' receivers. I'm not going to comment on that anymore. It kind of got me in trouble. I talked to Reed about it during the game, but I'd like to keep that between him and me."

Reed had no such reservations.

"He said he didn't mean to say all of those negative things. He said he was sorry. I told him, 'Just go out and play.' "
Disconnected -- The Jets on-field coaches were cut off from their press box peers in the first quarter by a headset failure. Although the Bills' headsets worked, they had to set them down -- despite Marv Levy's reluctance -- until the Jet phones worked. Sorry, Marv, but home field advantage only goes so far.
Almost -- Somehow, Reed got behind the Jet defense on a Hail Mary pass with 19 seconds left in regulation. Kelly's 60-yard bomb, however, went off a leaning Reed's fingertips at the Jet 10.

"On a dry day, I would have had it," said Reed. "It's tough with 30 pounds of water in your shoes. But no excuses. It was a heckuva throw. I should have had it."