Vandals armed with a disregard for property and quarts of used motor oil left thousands of dollars of damage in an early-morning rampage on a roughly four-block area in Cheektowaga, police reported Tuesday morning.

The vandalism left its mark on lawns, roofs, siding, brick fronts, driveways, vehicles and garages, mostly on Barbados, Dartwood and Woodgate drives, which run north and south, north of French Road, a few blocks west of Borden Road.

Besides the structures, vandals also damaged lawn ornaments, statues, solar lights and other pieces of property. There also was a portable toilet knocked over in nearby Dartwood Park.

The damage was worse because the vandals apparently found a cache of quarts of used motor oil stored behind a garage on Dartwood Drive.

“It appears that they grabbed a few of those quarts of motor oil and randomly went down the street, throwing the motor oil around,” Cheektowaga Police Capt. James Speyer said.

Following preliminary complaints, Cheektowaga police said that the motor oil was spilled on at least eight properties.

Investigators suspect that the vandalism may have been done by a group of young people, possibly between midnight and 12:30 a.m. Police believe some of the lawns were ruined, and some of the homes may have to be sandblasted.

“These are nice neighborhoods these kids went through,” Speyer said.

“They probably didn’t realize the damage they caused.”

Police want to hear from anyone who either saw or heard anything early Tuesday morning, or even from anyone who has heard reports about who the vandals might be.

Anyone with information may call Cheektowaga Police or text an anonymous tip through the department’s anonymous tip line, at 847411 (TIP411), using the keyword CPDNY.