Keep admission criteria at Buffalo’s top schools

Part of the Buffalo Board of Education’s long-term plan for dealing with low-performing schools includes “reconsidering the admission standards” for schools such as City Honors, Hutch-Tech and Olmsted. That sounds ridiculous.

The reason these schools have excellent reputations is precisely because they have admission standards. Allowing students to attend without having a certain level of academic ability, a constructive attitude to education and good attendance would make a high-performing school mediocre, at best.

That is without taking into account the deleterious effect of academically oriented students being cheated out of a quality education, as teachers have to deal with disruptive, unmotivated classmates or those who cannot handle the coursework.

You can probably make a pretty good sausage by mixing high-quality meat with some poorer cuts of meat and adding spices. The same recipe does not work for schools.

Larry Finkelstein

East Amherst