BATAVIA – Genesee Community College has announced plans for a $42 million phase of its master plan that includes two new buildings on the Batavia campus.

The County Legislature will be asked at its Wednesday meeting to support the plan that triggers 50 percent in state aid toward the cost of construction.

GCC President James M. Sunser said the new facilities will be a $13.9 million multipurpose college and community events center and a $5.2 million Student Success Center.

Replacing the roof and improving the parking lots are also part of the plan. No timetable for the work has been announced.

Much of the county’s 50 percent share will come from “charge-backs” paid by other counties whose students attend any of GCC’s seven sites. Operating charge-backs go toward the college’s expenses, while the smaller capital charge-backs are paid to Genesee County to offset capital construction at the college. The two charges total more than $5,000. More than half of GCC’s 7,200 students come from other counties.

The community events building will house classrooms, a wellness center and space for college and community events. The Student Success Center will put many services such as admissions, class enrollment, and academic advice and career counseling in one place. It will free space for 15 to 20 new classrooms in the main building.

The Batavia campus opened in the early 1970s, and since then, additions have included a theater and art gallery, student social center and technology building. The college foundation owns several nearby student housing buildings.