FORESTVILLE – The first meeting of the committee to consider dissolving the village of Forestville was held Thursday in the fire hall.

The committee was created at the last Village Board meeting and charged with assembling a list of assets and liabilities about whether to maintain the village or dissolve into the Town of Hanover. The group was asked to report on their findings in about 60 days.

Mayor Linda Aures announced appointments to the committee.

The mayor and Trustee Ron Lineman will represent the Village Board.

Former Mayor Homer “Chum” Bowker and Neighborhood Watch Chairwoman Gloria Yeager were selected as citizen representatives. Fire Chief Kyle Barthel will represent the fire department.

Town of Hanover Councilmen Ken Cross and Kevin O’Connell will represent the town. Hanover Highway Superintendent Steve D’Angelo attended the meeting Thursday in O’Connell’s absence.

Village Clerk/Treasurer James White and Chautauqua County Legislator Rod Rogers, R-Forestville, also attended the inaugural session.

Rogers, who has had past experience with the dissolution of the Village of Perrysburg, recommended a third-party feasibility study and urged that officials contact the Center for Governmental Research to look into the study.

Fire Chief Barthel was asked if dissolving the village would have negative impact on the department. He noted the department has looked into becoming independent and there are examples of volunteer companies that have done likewise.

The committee decided to contact the state Department of State to request assistance from its local government efficiency staff.