Buffalo needs to improve poor condition of streets

If you do any driving within the City of Buffalo, you must know the deplorable condition of many of the streets. They are rife with cracks, patches, bumps – you name it.

But to add insult to injury, we have multitudes of manholes that are recessed to the point that they may as well be potholes. I complained to the 311 complaint line and was told that many of these manholes are not Sewer Authority manholes but belong to the utilities.

It shouldn’t matter who owns them. They should be made safe for people to drive on. Sometimes it’s like driving on an obstacle course or a bombing range. These conditions could lead to accidents as well as being destructive to one’s vehicle. Someone in City Hall should address this situation. It’s not like that in the suburbs. The people doing the repaving must be made responsible for correcting this situation.

Richard Riederer