Hotel will create jobs, give economy a boost

I would like to comment on the Iskalo Development proposed Hyatt hotel and what it can mean to our community.

This project will create immediate jobs for construction workers in our area. Materials will be provided by local suppliers, which will generate income for the local economy. Long-term employment positions will be created to fill the daily needs of the hotel guests. I personally know people who have worked in the hotel industry at the same location for 15 to 20 years and more.

If a project such as this does not get off the ground, it can affect the many families that rely on the jobs that would have been created. Not only immediate employees, but ongoing employment as well.

Iskalo Development has a proven track record of being very conscious of the surrounding community and its feel. Iskalo has gone to great lengths to ensure this project, like its many others, will have a high-end look, including much additional landscaping, to assure it will blend well with existing buildings in the surrounding community.

It would be a shame if this project does not move forward.

Michael Olivieri

Director of Construction

Operations, Allied Mechanical