(Through Thursday’s games. Last week in parentheses)

1. Pittsburgh Pirates. Series with Cards makes October dreams legit. (4)

2. Boston Red Sox. Six-run ninth vs. Seattle was ridiculous fun. (2)

3. Tampa Bay Rays. Archer near top of Rookie of the Year chatter. (6)

4. Atlanta Braves. Have stunningly turned NL East into a runaway. (5)

5. St. Louis Cardinals. Have nine more chances vs. Bucs. (1)

6. Detroit Tigers. Have smartly rebuilt back of bullpen. (9)

7. Oakland Athletics. Unable to add offense at deadline. (3)

8. Cleveland Indians. Magical at home, but moribund on road. (12)

9. Texas Rangers. Three straight walkoff bombs vs. Halos. (7)

10. Cincinnati Reds. Choo’s sore ankle a concern. (8)

11. Los Angeles Dodgers. First 27-6 run since moving to West Coast. (14)

12. Baltimore Orioles. Let’s see how Norris does in a race. (10)

13. New York Yankees. Please go away, A-Rod. Far, far away. (11)

14. Kansas City Royals. In the hunt for first winning season since ’03. (19)

15. Arizona Diamondbacks. Finally gave up on enigmatic Kennedy. (13)

16. Washington Nationals. Harper calls everybody out. Where are the veterans? (15)

17. Philadelphia Phillies. Stunned they didn’t sell. (17)

18. Seattle Mariners. Thoughts to old friend Eric Wedge, who’s sidelined by mild stroke. (25)

19. Toronto Blue Jays. Johnson has been a complete disaster. (18)

20. Colorado Rockies. Ambushed in Atlanta, 40-13, in four games. (20)

21. New York Mets. So strange that Harvey’s worst three outings are vs. Marlins. (21)

22. San Diego Padres. A big yawn. (23)

23. Chicago Cubs. Hope haul for Garza, Soriano will pan out. (22)

24. Los Angeles Angels. Injury the latest entry on Pujols’ decline. (16)

25. San Francisco Giants. Zito’s rotation slot in jeopardy. (24)

26. Minnesota Twins. Crowned at home in sweep by Royals. (26)

27. Milwaukee Brewers. Braun = Fraud. (28)

28. Miami Marlins. Former Jamestown Jammer Koehler beats Harvey. (29)

29. Chicago White Sox. Bullpen couldn’t hold up against Tribe. (27)

30. Houston Astros. With Norris, Veras and Maxwell gone, they’re a Double-A team. (30)