Why must restaurants be uncomfortably cold?

One of the things retired seniors usually have more of is free time. With it comes the desire to make this freedom enjoyable. Eating out, as we call our restaurant visits, is one of these pleasures. It frees us from having to prepare our own food and often brings us together with friends or family. In the warmer summer months, however, restaurants often overcompensate by keeping the temperature uncomfortably low, which can severely decrease the eating out experience.

“The meal was good but it was too cold inside the restaurant” is often the criticism expressed by those who are more sensitive to these extreme temperature changes. The experience of cutting one restaurant visit short because of the cold may well prevent a return visit. Naturally, the working staff and the resting customers will react differently to the same temperature, but the comfort of visiting guests must remain a serious consideration.

Fred Bonisch

West Seneca