Nation is in decline because of liberals

Liberalism’s “fundamental change” is negatively impacting traditional America.

To fulfill its promise of social and economic justice, liberalism must transfer power from the people to government. By selling the concept of redistribution of wealth as “fairness,” social programs are created and expanded to capture new classes of dependents. Under the pretext of ensuring “clean” air and water, government further enhances its power by destroying industries through crushing environmental regulations, thus swelling unemployment and welfare rolls. Its “man-made” global warming claim is a ploy to boost taxes on all energy. When Obamacare is fully implemented, costs will skyrocket, services will be rationed, quality care will nosedive and meddling bureaucrats will gain unprecedented control of our lives.

Recently the formerly great city of Detroit has declared bankruptcy. This tragedy is a microcosm of a national trend. Having intentionally created these proliferating economic time bombs, heroic liberalism will magically appear deus ex machina to save the country with loads of fiat money and new regulations.

For decades liberals have been laying the foundation for a socialist America: They’ve demonized religion, polluted the airwaves, corrupted childhood innocence, sabotaged education and aborted millions of babies. They’ve weakened and demoralized the military with mixed genders. They (with complicit Republicans) have opened our borders to illegal aliens, further burdening our economy. They’ve promoted class envy and fomented racial hatred. They’ve smothered free speech with PC, and targeted the Second Amendment. Welcome to the Utopia of “fundamental change.”

James Costa