Residents of Ardmore Place on Buffalo’s West Side have developed a new twist on an old theme about following brick roads. Unlike Dorothy’s yellow brick road in “The Wizard of Oz,” theirs is red. And their magic road is underneath their feet. They just needed to chip away at all the asphalt to get to it.

As News staff reporter Gene Warner wrote in Wednesday morning’s paper, folks on Ardmore Place, behind Lafayette High School, recently discovered a hundred-year-old treasure in the form of a brick street. A stroke of post-industrial “wisdom” covered this gem with layers of asphalt and blacktop for more than 40 years until city paving crews began uncovering the treasure.

That touched off a fevered push to reclaim another bit of history in a historical neighborhood. Residents answering the call of their brick road grabbed shovels and spades in a determined effort to return to the “magic” of a bygone era.

Thirsty New York City residents should be celebrating, presumably with a couple of Big Gulps, now that an appeals court has upheld the decision striking down Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s ban on big sodas.

While Bloomberg’s attempted ban smacked of too much nanny state to many, at least he was trying something to curb the nation’s epidemic of obesity.

Hopefully while Big Apple residents are exercising their right to big drinks they’ll also be working off those calories by exercising their bodies.

This week’s lesson in chutzpah comes from San Diego, where Mayor Bob Filner has been embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal.

At least half a dozen women have accused Filner of groping them or making unwanted sexual advances. Unlike other politicians caught up in scandal, Filner refuses to resign, instead offering to begin two weeks of behavioral therapy Monday.

Several of the women are suing Filner, and Filner wants the city to pay for his defense because he says the groping wasn’t his fault, it was the city’s.

He claims he didn’t know that making sexually suggestive comments, putting women in a headlock and asking them to work without panties, among other things, was wrong because the city never provided him with training on what constitutes sexual harassment.

Even Anthony Weiner would be embarrassed.