Members of the Cleveland Hill Board of Education are re-examining their policy on renting their facilities to outside groups, as they hope to encourage community organizations and nonprofits to reserve space for free.

“The Cleveland Hill board takes great pride in being the hub of the community,” said Superintendent Jon MacSwan.

The new policy would benefit community groups in the district, a nonprofit organization or someone with 403(b) tax status. The policy was initially considered during a meeting last month, and the board continued its discussion during Thursday night’s workshop session.

In mid-July, MacSwan told board members he inquired about the rental policies of other districts, but board members appeared reluctant to increase fees at the time.

“I would not want to discourage groups from coming in because, let’s face it, not only are the kids harping on [exercise], but now the adults are too,” said Board President Robert Polino during a July 17 meeting.

“To charge those [nonprofit] groups, we run the risk of forcing the community from the schools, when we want to bring the community to the school,” board member Julie Walkowiak said at the July meeting.

The district may charge nonprofit organizations fees for “wear and tear” of equipment, employee overtime or cleaning costs, if any is needed.

If an organization cannot prove its nonprofit status, the district will charge the group. MacSwan said the district is still compiling costs associated with rentals, but they will vary depending on how much space is rented.

The board plans to finalize the new policy at its Aug. 21 meeting.