President’s message lacked real substance

I have watched the president’s recent comments relating to the George Zimmerman trial several times. While he feebly attempts to put a positive spin on it, he appears to avoid venturing into certain areas. He implicitly blames everyone for the incident AND at the same time he omits several possibilities.

He points the finger at the fast-approaching white minority for not doing enough for the black youth of America, but avoids mentioning the black parents, siblings, extended families, friends, neighbors and those African-Americans who are part of the middle class.

He could have touched on those who had a hand in his obtaining an education at Harvard and those who helped elect him president, twice. But he didn’t. I would have appreciated his monologue more if he could have told us when Zimmerman pulled the trigger. Was it before or after he suffered the broken nose and trauma to the head? Or he could have pondered the outcome had George Zimmerman not been armed. E pluribus unum, Mr. President.

Albert Huntz