If we learned anything from Black Sabbath’s feeble new album – or the recent sight of Marilyn Manson in broad daylight at the outer harbor – it’s that scaring people might be a waning pastime in rock. But now, as if by the wave of an occult hand, we’ve been given Ghost B.C. This Swedish group has a killer gimmick that makes it the first band in years that’s genuinely creepy, at least at first sight. Frontman Papa Emeritus II plays the part of an evil pope – complete with a black cardinal outfit and skull makeup – while performing with five “Nameless Ghouls” in matching black robes. (Adding to the mysterious get-up, no one has figured out the identities of the members yet.) The music on its first two albums, 2010’s “Opus Eponymous” and the new “Infestissumam,” isn’t as dark or heavy as you’d think – with Papa Emeritus’ airy vocals, it sounds more like classic rock than heavy metal. But come on, just look at these guys: Seeing them in concert will get you a little spooked, at least.

Ghost B.C. will haunt the Town Ballroom (681 Main St.) at 7 p.m. Wednesday, with Skeletonwitch opening. Tickets are $18 advance through or $22 at the door.

Jason Silverstein