A book-lending project started two weeks ago by Blasdell Trustee Lou McDonald and his wife, Pam, has been going so well that it’s running short of books, he told the Village Board last week.

“It’s going really well,” McDonald said. “It feels good, especially when I see little kids with books in their hands at the playgrounds. We’re running out of books.”

The program, called Blasdell Books, was started in part because the Village Library closed eight years ago. But unlike a traditional library, this book-lending program allows more flexibility. There are no limits on how long a resident can keep a book and no late fees. In fact, McDonald says, if a person really likes a book they can keep it and return a different one in its place.

The books are housed in three kiosks, one on Madison Street in front of the old library, and the others at the JFK and Silver Street playgrounds. Built with donated materials and painted by local elementary school children, each structure is stocked with about 30 books, including children’s, young adult and adult titles.

McDonald, who calls himself the unofficial “librarian” of the grassroots project, says that a quick check the other day showed only six books were left in one kiosk, and 17 in another. Books are restocked on a weekly basis and rotated between kiosks.

Anyone wishing to donate books can contact Village Hall at 822-1921.

In other matters, roadwork on Lake Avenue in Blasdell is progressing but behind schedule due to inclement weather earlier this season, Mayor Michael Petrie said.

The $389,000 project, paid through a federal grant and administered through the New York State Department of Transportation, is aimed at making sidewalks and driveways on the roadway compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.