New Yorkers are a little less honest than the rest of the nation, according to a survey released Tuesday by the makers of Honest Tea.

Earlier this month, the beverage company set up unstaffed kiosks stocked with bottled teas in locations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and asked those who took one to pay $1 on the honor system. In Buffalo, a kiosk was placed on the waterfront at Canalside on July 16. The data, which included information on physical appearance, was turned over to the National Honesty Index.

Nationwide, 92 percent of the people who took bottles of tea paid for them. In Alabama and Hawaii, all of the tea drinkers paid. Only 91 percent of New Yorkers anted up, which put the state in a tie for 34th place with Pennsylvania. No data was immediately available to show how honest Buffalonians were.

Sneakiest spot was Washington, D.C., where just 80 percent paid and someone stole the company founder’s bicycle.