Page’s column on abortion misses an important point

Responses to the Texas legislature such as the one penned by Clarence Page on July 10 make me wonder if we have lost sight of what is really at stake here. If one Googles “stages of pregnancy” you can see a picture of a pregnancy at 20 weeks. Then Google “late term abortions” to understand what happens if that pregnancy is aborted then. Do opponents of the Texas law really want to support this?

The proposed law also would require abortion facilities to provide the same level of medical care as other out-patient facilities. The facilities would have a year to comply.

Why would any facility object to regulations that make it safer for women? Why would anyone object to this part of the law? Page claims this law makes it harder for real women to make hard choices in the name of protecting life. What about the life of the woman? Would any of us want those women dear to us treated in any facility that is below standards or even unregulated?

Before we find ourselves faced with a situation that gets to this point, what about helping the people in our lives realize their dignity and the gift of their sexuality in a way that would be life-giving for them and any children they may conceive?

We treat pregnancy like a communicable disease rather than the result of a definite action on the part of two people. If we would promote that action with the profound respect it and we deserve, there would be far fewer women and men facing hard choices as well as sexually transmitted diseases, depression, drug and alcohol abuse and even death.

Mary Roaldi