By Scott Scanlon

Refresh Editor

Beautiful skin is more than a canvas to Sherry Hale. It’s a window to good health.

Hale, 44, a Michigan native who moved from Kalamazoo to Western New York nearly three years ago, recently expanded Custom Beaute Dermal Solutions and Wellness Clinic, at 533 Niagara St. in the City of Tonawanda, across from Niawanda Park.

“The skin is the largest organ of the body and it’s often the most neglected and overlooked,” Hale says. “You can relate a healthy skin cell to that of a fresh grape; it’s shiny, plump and smooth. When you deprive a grape – or skin cell – from its nutrients or expose it to the environment without any protection, the grape – or skin cell – dehydrates into a raisin.”

Hale’s staff of 11, some of whom work as private contractors, includes a nurse practitioner, massage therapist, wellness adviser and cosmetologist. The business offers electrolysis, facial and scar therapies, body wraps, manicures and pedicures and organic spray tans, among other services. About 95 percent of her customers are women.

Hale, who lives on Grand Island, specializes in “advance dermal pigmentation,” or long-lasting “permanent cosmetics,” that allow cancer patients and others to have the appearance of full eyebrows or lashes, for example.

She is accepting applications for one free skin treatment every quarter for recovering cancer patients.

Q. What do folks need to do to make sure they take care of their skin?

A. There are three main things: Internal nutrition, external environment and external nutrients.

First is internal nutrition. It needs to consist of recommended dosages of water, vitamins and minerals, with proper diet and exercise, to promote health from the interior.

Second is our external protection. Chemicals, preservatives, sun rays and free radicals from the environment continually damage the skin’s surface. When you combine these elements with the lack of internal and external nutrients, the skin cannot keep up with healthy cell renewal. Cells become damaged, dehydrated and unhealthy in appearance …

Third are the external skin nutrients and protection from the environmental free radicals. By providing the external skin with the proper vitamins and minerals, you can slow down the appearance of aging and promote healthier, younger looking skin.

With the challenging effects of our local environment, organic healthy habits for our skin are critical to our health longevity.

A. Organic facials, organic skin care and medical-grade makeup are the primary focus for treating skin and promoting healthy cells from the outside. One of our unique services we provide is electrolysis, which treats clients that are suffering from folliculitis or excessive hair growth in unwanted areas. Electrolysis can treat any skin color and any hair color, which makes it the only true permanent hair removal procedure recognized by the FDA.

Q. Talk about advance dermal pigmentation. Do you do that yourself and who can benefit from this procedure?

A. I am the only clinician providing permanent makeup at our facility and have a national trainer expert consultant available by request. There are many people that can benefit from this procedure, from the woman or man going through hair loss of the brows or lashes, to the client that can no longer see well to apply their makeup, to the sterile environment employee and professional that needs to look and feel their best all of the time, and the recovering cancer patient that needs enhancement of color due to the effects of chemotherapies.

We also use dermal pigmentation for paramedical treatments such as wrinkles, age spots, scar camouflaging, breast areola re-pigmentation and stretch marks.

Q. Diabetic clients can benefit from the pedicure room?

A. We feature a beautiful LED light therapy, one-hour pedicure tub spa experience. The light rotation during the soaking period of red, green, blue and purple help to promote improved circulation, healthy cells and the destruction of bacteria. Our experience provides deep cleansing, trimming, callous removal, massage and choice of polish.

Q. What’s a cellulite detox wrap?

A. We offer an all-natural, aloe-based body wrap for detox and cellulite reduction. After a thorough salt scrub, a natural aloe-based solution is applied over the entire body. Next, the client is wrapped in a heat retention protectant and then covered with a second layer to process and keep the wrap warm. During the treatment, the client also receives a mini-facial, where the aloe detox is applied to the face. The solutions in the treatment combined with the heat promotes the reduction of impurities in the skin for a detoxification.

Q. Can you talk about the cost for some of these procedures?

A. We have prices in a wide range … with a large number of our services very affordable and under $100. Our procedures from our medical menu have a wide price range and require a consultation and medical history as the treatments are tailored to the needs of the clients.

For more info, visit or call 264-4659.