Once upon a time in Niagara Falls, a bakery called Trusello’s weaved itself into the lives of families living along Pine Avenue. It made two things: Italian bread and pizza.

It wasn’t your standard pepperoni mozzarella pie, but a Sicilian home-style version: tomato sauce, olive oil, pecorino romano cheese, basil and oregano.

As a little girl, Gail Zacher grew up six blocks away from Trusello’s. “I remember as a child, my mom would say, ‘Who wants to get the bread?’ and I always volunteered, cause if you walked up to get the bread, she’d give you that extra 10 cents, to get a slice of pizza,” said Zacher.

For 16 years, Trusello’s was closed, the building unused. In May, Zacher opened DG Bread & Pizza (840 19th St., rear).

They sell two things: bread and pizza. Zacher is careful to not lay claim to the Trusello’s name. “Our recipe is our recipe,” she said.

But it’s so close that Niagara Falls Trusello’s lovers have been making the pilgrimage. “We have the original ovens, and the original pizza pans, even the original wooden rolling pin,” she said. “The pans are old and some are a little warped, but you can’t beat ’em.”

Even better, she hired a baker who worked for Trusello’s for 16 years. That’s right: same pans, ovens, rolling pin, baker. “You can’t get much closer than that,” Zacher said.

The pizza is $1 a slice, $10 half a 17.5-by-25.5-inch pan, $18 a full pan. The bread is $2 and $3.50. So far, they’re selling all they can make. And when Niagara Falls people walk in to the scent of bread, they find themselves transported back in time when the screen door claps shut.

“You know what’s really weird is the screen door slams,” Zacher said. “I had it on the list to fix, because we had so much to do before we opened. Then people were coming in and saying, ‘The door still slams, it sounds the same. Don’t fix it.’ They love it.”

DG Bread and Pizza is open Wednesday through Sunday. For info, call 282-2606.


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