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Toughening up its stance on code violations, the Springville Village Board has approved several measures to address the lackluster response from residents concerning their unkempt properties.

Declining property values and visual clutter prompted the village to identify properties of concern and form a distressed property task force, Village Administrator Tim Horner said Monday.

About 128 properties in the 3.76-square-mile village were identified as “distressed” based on one of four criteria: vacant property, unpaid taxes, maintenance issues or hoarding.

More than half of those cited had property maintenance problems such as peeling paint, broken windows, uncut grass or roofing issues. Those 72 property owners will hear from the village first, Horner said.

Notifications are being mailed within the next month, Mayor Bill Krebs said, and residents will have between 15 and 30 days to address code violations before penalties kick in.

Those penalties include a sign posted at the curb where the violation exists and the publication of the owners’ names and violations in the weekly newspaper.