SILVER CREEK – The Silver Creek Village Board approved a resolution Monday to seek funding to buy a 1993 ladder-pump firetruck from the Falconer Fire Department for $150,000.

Mayor Nick Piccolo said the village will seek grants, loans and other funding opportunities to try to purchase the vehicle.

Fire Chief Jeff Griewisch said a committee had researched several varieties of firetrucks, and this piece of equipment best meets the department’s needs. A special meeting to review the specifications of the truck was held last Wednesday.

In another matter, trustees supported a resolution to promote a regional water system in northern Chautauqua County. Piccolo said that while the village cannot participate in the system at this time because of its contract with the Erie County Water Authority, he hopes that in the future the system could mean a savings for residents.

Also at Monday’s meeting:

• A new policy prohibiting smoking in playgrounds and parks was approved. The village will offer designated smoking areas during special events, such as the Festival of Grapes, under the new policy. Local resident Melissa Shaw was instrumental in working with the village’s Planning Board to promote the smoke-free areas where children play and congregate.

• Two resolutions were approved to continue the engineering services with GHD Consulting for the ongoing water project. The principal engineer on the project will be reimbursed at $195 an hour, with the project manager at $125 an hour and the administrative assistant at $50 an hour. These fees are expected to cost $10,000 for the third phase of the project.

Phase three is currently under construction with new water lines installed along Park Place. The area there is scheduled to have new sidewalks and pavement this week.

Water line testing is scheduled for Christy Street.

• A resolution authorizing the City of Dunkirk to hold the firearms previously owned by the Silver Creek Police Department was approved. The resolution will require Dunkirk City Council approval and a signature by Dunkirk’s mayor.

The agreement would allow firearms to be stored until a decision is made whether to reinstate the village Police Department or continue with enhanced police services through the Chautauqua County Sheriff’s Office.